United against plastic pollution: most important climate deal since the Paris Agreement

10 March 2022 - Pollution from plastics has reached epidemic proportions, officials said. Representatives of 175 countries adopted a...

Bulgaria warm 4 4 C 2100 lose precipitation

Bulgaria could warm by 4.4 °C by 2100, lose 20% of precipitation

01 February 2022 - Bulgaria is severely affected by climate change, WWF and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation said, warning the temperature rise could reach 4.4 degrees by 2100

Energy coops solid returns small solar power

Energy coops offer solid returns for investments in small solar power plants

21 August 2021 - Energy communities have photovoltaic projects in which people can safely invest very small amounts and still get relatively high profits


RERI to start collecting signatures for referendum on waters

15 July 2021 - The Serbian parliament has approved controversial changes to the Water Law, introducing no-bid agreements for the lease of public waterside land despite opposition from non-governmental organizations.

Dance planet Earth Hour 2021 March 27

Dance for our planet during Earth Hour 2021 on March 27

24 March 2021 - As people, cities and companies are preparing to mark Earth Hour 2021 by turning off...

Leonardo DiCaprio ban new small hydropower plants FBiH

Leonardo DiCaprio backs campaign to protect Bosnian rivers

23 September 2020 - Conservationist groups from the region and the world urged the Federation of BiH to pass...


Dubrovnik to abolish single-use plastics by 2030

31 July 2020 - The City of Dubrovnik has committed itself to reducing its environmental footprint by eliminating single-use...

Environmental organizations appeal Serbia climate neutral economy

Environmental organizations’ appeal to Vučić, Brnabić: Accelerate shift to climate neutral economy

07 May 2020 - Nine environmental civil society organizations have asked the Serbian authorities to postpone any decision making...

Earth Hour 2020: Turn lights of for our planet on March 28 at 20:30

Earth Hour 2020 – Turn lights off for our planet on March 28 at 20:30

26 March 2020 - The annual Earth Hour event is on Saturday evening but without any gatherings due to...

Dams rivers hydropower

Damage from small hydropower is much larger than gains, study finds

29 November 2019 - The Balkans and Turkey are examples of how quickly free-flowing rivers and river stretches “can...

EU Overshoot Day: 7% of world’s population uses nearly 20% of Earth’s biocapacity

16 May 2019 - If everybody in the world lived like EU residents, the world would have exhausted the...

sturgeon stocking romania hungary

Pilot sturgeon stocking carried out in Romania, Hungary

26 April 2019 - The Danube River fauna were enriched on April 18 with two important sturgeon stocking events,...

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