About Us

Balkan Green Energy News is a leading bilingual and free-of-charge  online platform covering sustainable energy, climate action, environmental protection and urban mobility developments  from a selection of accurate, reliable and straight to the point news, policy actions and investment opportunities from the Balkan region countries: Serbia, Kosovo*, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.

The Balkan Green Energy News project has been developed and implemented for companies, financial institutions, decision makers, international organizations,  investment funds, consulting companies, project developers, civil soci and other stakeholders from all over the world who are already present in Balkan markets or plan to enter them. Our mission is to help them understand the changing regulatory environment and to get clear insights of those fast-growing markets by providing an overview of the most important and relevant news, facts and figures so they can be more actively involved in shaping outcomes.

Balkan Green Energy News is a project of the Centre for Promotion of Sustainable Development (Centar za promociju održivog razvoja – CPOR), a non-profit civil society organization from Belgrade, Serbia whose mission is to promote and facilitate implementation of sustainable development concept in Serbia and other Balkan region countries through awareness raising campaign, advocacy, information dissemination, education of relevant stakeholders and events organization. At the same time Centre for Promotion of Sustainable Development partners with and makes networks of relevant sustainability developers, i.e. companies, organizations, institutions and individuals whose strategies, activities and programs contribute to sustainable development promotion.