Eco-activists on barricades defend village Lützerath in Germany from expansion of coal mines

German eco-activists on barricades defending village from coal mine expansion

10 January 2023 - Environmentalists have been opposing RWE and the local authority's plan for months to demolish the village of Lützerath to boost coal output

Most read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in 2022

Most read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in 2022

31 December 2022 - With Russia's attack on Ukraine, the energy crisis took over from the coronavirus pandemic as topic number one this year

Air pollution North Macedonia triggers emergency measures

Air pollution in North Macedonia triggers emergency measures

26 December 2022 - North Macedonia introduced emergency measures to reduce air pollution and protect the population and issued recommendations

Kosovo financing solar thermal project termokos Western Balkans

Kosovo* secures financing for first large-scale solar thermal project in Western Balkans

23 December 2022 - Big solar thermal projects are seen as the proper solution for district heating decarbonization in the region

European wind farms auctions are increasingly using non-price criteria

European wind farm auctions are increasingly using non-price criteria

20 December 2022 - When assessing the bids, Dutch authorities focused on the solutions for integrating wind farms into the energy system and on biodiversity


Ten commandments for sustainable waste management in Serbia

19 December 2022 - Over the past year, prominent domestic and international experts have scanned in detail the state of the sector and offered recommendations

EU reaches agreement on carbon border tax CBAM

EU reaches deal on carbon border tax

14 December 2022 - The application of carbon tax on imported commodities and electricity has been pushed back from January 1 to October 1, 2023

germany lithium serbia mine global gate china

Germany supports lithium mine project in Serbia to curb China’s global influence – Handelsblatt

13 December 2022 - The newspaper published the secret list of projects that Germany identified as important for the EU's geopolitical initiative Global Gate


Serbian ministry refuses to renew Euro Lithium exploration license

09 December 2022 - The request was not granted because Euro Lithium had failed to complete the required 75% of exploration works for the license to be renewed

Serbia adopts 2030 Air Protection Program with action plan

Serbia adopts 2030 Air Protection Program with action plan

09 December 2022 - The government adopted the Air Protection Program for the Republic of Serbia for the period 2022-2030 with an action plan

Gjakova city Kosovo example sustainable district heating new biomass plant

Gjakova city in Kosovo* sets example in sustainable district heating with new biomass plant

09 December 2022 - With its new cogeneration plant and a district heating network upgrade, Gjakova has set an example for municipal authorities in the Balkans


Serbia adopts circular economy program as Montenegro unveils draft strategy

08 December 2022 - Serbia adopts a circular economy development program until 2024, and Montenegro unveils its national strategy until 2030

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