Minister Mihajlović: Serbia to hold first renewables auction in December

15 September 2021 - Serbia will hold its first auction for premiums for wind and solar in December, while a three-year schedule will be unveiled by the end of February.

Merkel Germany interested Serbia lithium

Merkel: Germany is interested in Serbia’s lithium

14 September 2021 - Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany is interested in lithium from Serbia and that European union...


Thousands demand revoking Serbia’s commitments to Rio Tinto

12 September 2021 - The key demand is for the Government of Serbia to revoke all commitments to Rio Tinto, the investor behind the lithium mine project.

Two biomass heating plants to be operational in Serbia as of October 1

Two biomass heating plants to be operational in Serbia as of October 1

10 September 2021 - Two facilities with an installed capacity of 9.8 MW will use wood chips instead of coal, fuel oil and natural gas.

Nordic experts to share experiences for strengthening circular economy in Serbia

Nordic experts to share experience to suport circular economy advancement in Serbia

10 September 2021 - The embassies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, have launched a project called Strengthening the Circular Economy in Serbia - Nordic Experiences.

World 50 times more offshore wind carbon neutral 2050

World needs 50 times more offshore wind to become carbon neutral by 2050

09 September 2021 - Global offshore wind power capacity increased by 6.1 GW last year, but the expansion may more than double in 2021, GWEC revealed


Belgrade most polluted European city with over 1 million people

08 September 2021 - If Serbia were an EU member, Belgrade would be among the worst-ranked cities by concentrations of PM2.5, the biggest air polluter and the most harmful one to human health.

Serbia launches program to subsidize households to install solar panels

Serbia launches program to subsidize households to install solar panels

06 September 2021 - The program has started with a public call for the allocation of subsidies to local authorities.

People versus poisoners thousands Belgrade protest clean air

People versus poisoners – thousands in Belgrade protest for clean air

05 September 2021 - More than five thousand people gathered in the second protest in Belgrade for harmless air, to warn of severe air pollution in the country

Serbia adopts decree to enable prosumers decrre

Serbia adopts decree to ease procedure for prosumers

31 August 2021 - The Government of Serbia adopted a decree on the criteria, conditions and the method of billing between prosumers and suppliers, which refers to households and companies.

SET Green Technology to invest EUR 12 million in four biogas power plants

26 August 2021 - Total installed capacity of the four facilities planned for construction is 4 MW. The first one should be put into operation by the end of the year.

European Greens Weitz Serbia environmental crimes

European Greens’ Weitz: Serbia is suffering from environmental crimes

25 August 2021 - European Greens Co-chair Thomas Weitz said he would speak in the European Parliament about Rio Tinto's project and the devastation of the Danube in Serbia

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