Syrian oil spill threatens Cyprus Turkey

Syrian oil spill threatens Cyprus, Turkey

01 September 2021 - A giant patch of oil from a leak in a Syrian energy complex is currently moving away from Cyprus as the wind changed direction

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Energy market is changing – we’ll buy electricity in department stores

31 August 2021 - The business models that the energy industry maintained for decades are being rapidly altered as customers can now buy power in supermarkets

World s largest floating wind power plant

World’s largest floating wind power plant project completed

28 August 2021 - Cobra Wind commissioned the Kincardine floating wind farm near the Scottish coast for Pilot Offshore Renewables. At 50 MW, it is the biggest facility of its kind


MingYang from China developing world’s largest offshore wind turbine

24 August 2021 - MingYang Smart Energy scheduled the market launch of its 16 MW offshore wind turbine, the strongest in the world, for 2024

London toughens measures to protect children from air pollution

London toughens measures to protect children from air pollution

23 August 2021 - London City Hall acknowledged the danger from polluted air for schoolchildren and said it would bring its quality within WHO's limits by 2030

July 2021 is the world’s hottest month ever recorded

July 2021 was the world’s hottest month ever recorded

18 August 2021 - It remains very likely that 2021 will rank among the world’s 10-warmest years on record, according to US agency NOAA.

Most of bilateral financing done by China, Japan, US ended in overseas fossil fuels power plants

Most of bilateral financing of power plants from China, Japan, US went to fossil fuel projects

17 August 2021 - Between 2000-2018 three countries financed coal and gas power plants with installed capacity of 243 GW. 

California mandatory solar panels 2023

California to mandate installation of solar panels for new, renovated buildings 

16 August 2021 - The energy regulator has proposed the installation of PV panels and battery storage for the construction and renovation of all buildings to be mandatory.

G20 countries secured more money to fossil fuels then to renewables in covid 19 pandemic

G20 countries directed more funds to fossil fuels projects than to renewables

10 August 2021 - Since the beginning of 2020, the G20 countries have committed at least USD 296 billion for fossil fuels and USD 227 billion for renewables.

UN IPCC Global warming 1.5 degrees 2040

UN’s IPCC: Global warming may reach 1.5 degrees already by 2040

09 August 2021 - Only a drastic CO2 emission cut can prevent the worst global warming scenario, but the 1.5-degree level will still be hit by 2040, IPCC said

CATL sodium ion batteries threaten take over world market lithium

CATL’s sodium ion batteries threaten to take over world market from lithium

05 August 2021 - CATL's sodium ion batteries are entering the market in 2023. They could become more competitive than lithium-based solutions.

paris agreement serbia albania ndc

Albania, Serbia among 81 Paris Agreement signatories that haven’t sent new emission cut targets

04 August 2021 - By the July 30 deadline, 110 parties to the Paris Agreement or 58% submitted new or updated nationally determined contributions or NDCs.

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