can europe necp western balkans report missed targets

CAN Europe: BiH, Kosovo* and Serbia’s NECPs lack climate ambition, coal phaseout dates

28 November 2023 - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, and Serbia sent draft NECPs to the Energy Community Secretariat for review in late June and July


EU starts European Hydrogen Bank pilot auction

24 November 2023 - The European Commission issued a public call for the European Hydrogen Bank pilot auction with an initial budget of EUR 800 million


Analysis of EU’s Western Balkans decarbonization policy: decarbonization to remain disorderly if nothing changes

24 November 2023 - The policy paper 'Chaotic and fake decarbonization of power sectors in the Western Balkans' is based on a survey of more than 100 experts from the region


European Parliament seeks subsidies for nuclear energy within industry decarbonization package

22 November 2023 - EU lawmakers proposed a joint list of industry decarbonization technologies to be supported instead of sidelining nuclear energy

Southeastern European countries gsci rank sustainable competitiveness

Here’s how Southeastern European countries rank in sustainable competitiveness

18 November 2023 - Scandinavian countries are ranked the highest in GSCI, but even they have a long way to go to becoming truly sustainable and competitive

OMV Petrom Verchere Energy security diversifying sources supply

OMV Petrom’s Verchere: Energy security implies diversifying sources, supply

18 November 2023 - The pandemic, energy crisis and war in Ukraine have all actually accelerated the energy transition, OMV Petrom's CEO Christina Verchere said

Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia to roll out electricity trade platform

17 November 2023 - Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia Dubravka Đedović Handanović spoke to her Hungarian counterpart Péter Szijjártó in Belgrade


AIKO Solar enters Albanian market, announces further regional expansion

17 November 2023 - AIKO Solar's technologically advanced, highly-efficient solar panels with an elegant pure-black front are sold around Europe

The European Commission approves €1.7 billion Italian State aid scheme to support agrivoltaic installations

EU approves Italy’s EUR 1.7 billion agrivoltaic state aid scheme

17 November 2023 - The European Commission has approved Italy's EUR 1.7 billion state aid mechanism for supporting agrivoltaic installations

Germany nationwide hydrogen pipeline network plan

Germany unveils nationwide hydrogen pipeline network plan

15 November 2023 - Germany is preparing an incentives scheme for a proposed 9,700-kilometer hydrogen transmission network, and working on interconnection plans

cbam transitional phase western balkans turkey

CBAM transitional period: What it means for exporters to EU and how they can meet requirements

15 November 2023 - To get a better picture of what lies ahead for exporters to the EU, we have talked to lawyers and energy experts


North Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Kosovo* take step towards day-ahead market coupling

14 November 2023 - A single electricity market would help improve energy security, integrate renewables, and ensure lower prices, MEPSO said

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