continental europe breakdown resynchronization

How BiH, Croatia, Serbia TSOs reconnected two grid regions of Continental Europe synchronous area

02 March 2021 - The Continental Europe synchronous area broke down and split into two grid regions in January.

entso e ernestinovo system separation continental europe

Breakdown of Continental Europe synchronous area started in Croatia

28 January 2021 - A malfunction in Croatia’s substation Ernestinovo was the initial event that led to a split into two grid regions on January 8.

entso e system separation continental europe area january 2021

How the Continental Europe synchronous area was split into two grid regions

19 January 2021 - Due to outages of several transmission network elements, the area was split into two grid regions on January 8, from 14:05 to 15:08 CET.


ELES secured over EUR 100 million from EU, Japan for development projects

18 November 2020 - Aleksander Mervar, CEO of ELES, speaks of efforts toward a just energy transition and the development projects of Slovenia's TSO


KOSTT: Connection agreement with ENTSO-E enters into force

02 October 2020 - Kosovo’s transmission system operator (TSO) KOSTT has met all the conditions to operate independently of...

Kosovo's KOSTT connection agreement ENTSO-E

Kosovo’s* KOSTT signs connection agreement with ENTSO-E

02 July 2020 - Transmission system operator KOSTT will become an independent regulatory zone within the AK block, which...


KOSTT: ENTSO-E backs Kosovo’s* exit from control block lead by Serbia’s EMS

21 April 2020 - The vote on the new connection agreement between Kosovo’s transmission system operator (TSO) KOSTT and...


KOSTT, OST sign deal to establish Kosovo*-Albania regulatory block

04 December 2019 - Kosovo’s* transmission system operator (TSO) KOSTT and Albania’s transmission system operator OST have signed an...


ESO, IPTO, Transelectrica sign MoU on establishing Regional Coordination Center

22 July 2019 - Power transmission system operators (TSOs) ESO (Bulgaria), IPTO (Greece), and Transelectrica (Romania) have signed a...

ENTSO-E gets new leadership team

02 July 2019 - A newly elected team of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E)...

KOSTT completes works on 110/10(20) kV Ilirida substation

24 June 2019 - Kosovo’s* transmission system operator (TSO) KOSTT has completed works on the 110/10(20) kV Ilirida substation...

lignite thermal power plant

European Commission: Kosovo* continues to rely on lignite, some progress seen on renewables

12 June 2019 - Kosovo* has some level of preparation in the field of energy, but continues to rely...

Slovenia, Bulgaria receive EUR 76 million in EU financing for cross-border power lines

24 January 2019 - EU Member States have approved EUR 48.2 million in aid under the Connecting Europe Facility...

Macedonian day-ahead market launch scheduled for the end of November 2019

23 November 2018 - The launch of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’s day-ahead market (DAM) is scheduled for...

Electricity projects invited to apply for fourth EU Projects of Common Interest list

19 October 2018 - The European Commission (EC) has opened a call for electricity projects to be submitted as...

EU TSOs measures kick off amid fresh frequency deviations in CE power system

12 July 2018 - A new compensation programme, put in place by the Continental European TSOs, automatically kicked off...

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