slovenia saleska region decarbonization heating coal tes

Slovenian municipalities to decarbonize district heating system with TPP Šoštanj

29 August 2023 - Three municipalities in the Šalek valley in Slovenia signed a cooperation agreement with the utility firm in Velenje and with TEŠ

petrol solar power plants rooftops gas stations

Petrol targets 120 PV facilities on gas stations by end of 2023

22 August 2023 - Petrol Group has put into operation the first two solar power plants on the roofs of its gas stations as part of the Petrol Green project


Slovenian town to build solar power plants on public buildings to supply citizens

03 August 2023 - Ajdovščina has invited residents to apply to connect to five solar power plants it intends to install in cooperation with GEN-I


National Hydrogen Association of Slovenia set up to promote more ambitious goals

31 July 2023 - The National Hydrogen Association of Slovenia has urged the government to adopt a national hydrogen strategy

slovenia highways solar hse seng dars

Slovenia to install solar power plants along highways

24 July 2023 - The first project will be implemented by Soške Elektrarne Nova Gorica and Družba za Avtoceste v Republiki Sloveniji

ugljevik bih slovenia egs ri hse sfry

BiH’s TPP Ugljevik must pay EUR 34 million to Slovenia for investment dispute from Yugoslavia

20 July 2023 - Slovenian firm EGS-RI has invested in the construction of coal plant Ugljevik, which failed to compensate for it with electricity

Slovenia ELES call grid loss reduction solutions

Slovenia’s ELES issues call for grid loss reduction solutions

13 July 2023 - Slovenia's electricity transmission system operator ELES is receiving project proposals for reducing losses in the grid until September 15

Slovenia regulates locations renewables law accelerates permitting

Slovenia regulates locations for renewables with new law, accelerates permitting

10 July 2023 - Slovenia's new law regulates the determination of suitable areas for wind and solar power plants and the priority areas for PV systems

Slovenia adopts new spatial strategy to pave way for nuclear reactors, SMRs

05 July 2023 - Slovenia has adopted a new spatial planning strategy until 2050, which allows for building small modular reactors and expanding the Krško nuclear power plant

JEK2 Second unit Slovenia Krsko nuclear power plant cost EUR 11 billion

Second unit of Slovenia’s Krško nuclear power plant to cost up to EUR 11 billion

27 June 2023 - Slovenia is speeding up the JEK2 nuclear project in Krško, aiming to complete it by 2037, Prime Minister Robert Golob said


HESS opens Slovenia’s biggest solar power plant as part of Brežice hybrid system

23 June 2023 - The Brežice solar power plant consists of about 13,200 photovoltaic panels, and will generate 6.84 GWh of electricity a year

Slovenia HSE 800 MW solar power 2030

Slovenia’s HSE targets 800 MW of solar power by 2030

31 May 2023 - HSE has small solar power plants with an overall capacity of under 10 MW, but it is aiming at 800 MW more by the end of the decade

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