Activists announce protest to protect people environment on April 9 in Belgrade

Activists announce protest to protect people, environment on April 10 in Belgrade

08 March 2021 - Defend the Rivers of Mt. Stara Planina movement has announced a protest called Ecological Pressure.

protest permit for small hydropower plant Rakita

Activists preparing for protest if permit for small hydropower plant in Rakita isn’t scrapped

01 March 2021 - The ORSP movement will hold a protest if the Government of Serbia doesn't annul the license for the SHPP in Rakita village by March 7


Removal of SHPP pipes from river in southeastern Serbia scheduled for August 15

12 August 2020 - It’s not just a common illegal facility, but a small hydropower plant (SHPP) that will...

Environmentalist protest small hydropower, pollution in Serbia

Environmentalist groups unite to protest small hydropower, pollution in Serbia

15 June 2020 - More than forty environmentalist organizations participated at the demonstration in front of the building of...

Arrests Croatia corruption renewables

High-profile arrests in Croatia highlight claims of corruption in renewables in region

05 June 2020 - At least two government officials are suspected of abuse of power in the case of...


Most read in November: DiCaprio, Manu Chao join fight against SHPPs, conference on RES in district energy, Croatia’s first geothermal power plant

06 December 2019 - The support from Leonardo DiCaprio and Manu Chao for the initiative to ban the construction...

Stara Planina

Investor pulls out of SHPP project after clashes on Mt. Stara Planina

08 October 2019 - Residents of the village of Topli Do on Mt. Stara Planina in Serbia clashed yesterday...

Run-of-river hydropower

Run-of-river hydropower: Two years on, the struggle continues

18 July 2019 - More than two years on, the public and citizens across the Balkans fighting for the...

Protests against hydropower in the Balkans in July

Protests against hydropower planned across Balkans from July 6-16

02 July 2019 - Environmental activists and civil society organizations (CSOs) from across the Balkans are organizing protests under...

aleksandar-jovanovic-cuta-stara planina

There is no life without water, and small hydropower plants would extinguish it on Stara Planina

25 April 2019 - Aleksandar Jovanović Ćuta has been fighting against the construction of run-of-river small hydropower plants (SHPPs)...


Dimitrovgrad municipality proposes ban on SHPPs on its territory

24 April 2019 - The Municipal Council of Dimitrovgrad in eastern Serbia has adopted a decision to propose the...

Thousands of protesters demand halt of SHPP construction from government, Serbian President

29 January 2019 - A few thousand citizens from all over Serbia gathered at Belgrade’s Faculty of Philosophy square...

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