epbih kakanj tuzla units opt out mechanism

Goverment of FBiH intends to extend operation of two units in coal power plants Kakanj, Tuzla

02 March 2022 - Two units in coal plants are due to be shut down in line with the EU’s Large Combustion Plants Directive (LCPD).

EPBiH preparing another coal power plant 8 TPP Kakanj

EPBiH preparing to build another coal power plant – unit 8 in TPP Kakanj

21 December 2021 - The difficulties in the implementation of the Tuzla 7 project obviously did not deter EPBiH from new investments in coal-fired power plants


China pledges to stop building new coal power plants abroad

22 September 2021 - China, the biggest builder of coal-fired power plants in Balkan countries, is set to stop developing new coal power projects outside of its borders.

EPBIH ready to continue construction of Tuzla 7 coal project

EPBIH ready to continue construction of Tuzla 7 coal project

13 September 2021 - The coal-fired unit project has been stalled for almost a year after General Electric decided not to supply the equipment.

Tuzla 7 coal plant BiH sunk GE s exit

Tuzla 7 coal plant project in BiH sunk by GE’s exit, officials reveal

07 June 2021 - Unnamed sources said the construction of unit 7 in thermal power plant Tuzla most probably won't proceed as GE decided not to supply the equipment

Construction site for Tuzla 7 coal project Energy Community sanctions

Update: Site for Tuzla 7 coal project ready as Energy Community hints at sanctions

28 October 2020 - Chinese firms are building a coal plant in Tuzla, but BiH is facing sanctions in the Energy Community over state aid.

Environmentalists EU Chinese violations

Environmentalists demand from EU to tackle Chinese firms’ violations

14 September 2020 - Eight organizations urged the EU to do more to tackle legal breaches by Chinese companies....


EPBiH has opted for decarbonization, but progress on building renewable energy capacities is slow

07 July 2020 - State power utility Elektropriveda Bosne i Hercegovine (EPBiH) has opted for decarbonization, company officials say,...

new thermal power plant

New thermal power plant feasibility studies understated TPP costs – report

22 January 2020 - Members of parliaments of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia have been deceived with “false information”...

Government defiant on Tuzla 7 coal project, as Energy Community launches dispute settlement procedure

29 March 2019 - The Energy Community Secretariat has sent an Opening Letter to Bosnia and Herzegovina for non-compliance...

FBiH Parliament approves Tuzla 7 guarantee despite Energy Community objection

08 March 2019 - The House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH)...

Independent lawyers’ report confirms Tuzla 7 guarantee contains elements of state aid

05 March 2019 - Independent lawyers have confirmed the Energy Community (EnC) Secretariat’s finding that the Tuzla 7 guarantee...

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