Bulgaria named EU’s top SO2 polluter, accused of “persistent” breaches of limit values

25 January 2021 - Three environmental organizations have accused Bulgaria of systemically and persistently violating the European Union’s (EU)...

Sarajevo Canton ban coal use extreme air pollution

Sarajevo Canton to ban coal use in 2021 amid extreme air pollution

30 November 2020 - As levels of air pollution reached extreme levels again, Sarajevo is preparing a measure unheard of in the Western Balkan region.

slovenia measures air pollution maribor celje

Three Slovenian cities to beat air pollution with renewables, sustainable urban mobility

18 November 2020 - The Government of Slovenia has adopted plans worth EUR 63 million to reduce air pollution in Maribor, Celje and Murska Sobota.


Sarajevo issues caution due to excessive air pollution

02 November 2020 - Authorities in BiH's capital city triggered the first batch of measures to improve air quality as pollution increased.


Western Balkans suffocating from air pollution as heating season starts

23 October 2020 - The beginning of the heating season in the Western Balkans brought a rise in air pollution once again


Excessive air pollution registered in 14 Serbian cities in 2019

08 September 2020 - Last year the air was excessively polluted in 14 cities in Serbia, compared to just...


Clean Air For All – a lesson on key air pollutants

07 September 2020 - *Expert advice in the preparation of this article was provided by Professor Aleksandar Jovović, Faculty...

coal-fired power plants air pollution Kosovo*

Two coal-fired power plants generate alarming air pollution in Kosovo*

28 August 2020 - Two coal-fired power plants, Kosova A and Kosova B, are the main source of the...


EU Court of Justice says Romania failed to lower air pollution in Bucharest

05 May 2020 - Romania has not fulfilled its obligations to reduce air pollution, the Court of Justice of...

Warning, alert – most commonly heard words in Sarajevo in past days

22 January 2020 - Thanks to a change in the weather, the citizens of Sarajevo have finally started to...


Citizens of Serbia breathe polluted air – particle pollution several times higher than allowed

20 December 2019 - Concentrations of particulate matter PM10 and PM2.5 are again reaching enormous levels in Serbian cities,...


PM10 concentration in Serbia 10 times above limit, as region fills most polluted cities lists

25 October 2019 - Over the past few days, Serbian citizens in Belgrade, Niš, Valjevo, as well as other...

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