Norway’s Ambassador Gjelstad: Green shift is in Serbia’s economic interest

Nordic Green Norway Ambassador Gjelstad Green shift Serbia economic interest

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February 22, 2023






February 22, 2023





The green shift is not only about fighting climate change and improving the environment and public health, but just as much about rational economic interests and rational economic choices for a country, Ambassador of Norway to Serbia Jørn Eugen Gjelstad said at the closing ceremony of the Nordic Green – Solutions for Serbia Project. Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Đedović highlighted Norway as a role model for efficient management of the country’s state-owned energy companies.

The embassies of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, the Nordic Business Alliance and their domestic partners have marked the completion of the Nordic Green – Solutions for Serbia Project. A series of conferences were held in the country with Nordic experts and companies sharing their green experiences and know-how.

It was the second such project initiated by the four embassies.

Creating common strategic vision for Serbia’s green transition

“Our intention has been to create awareness, motivation, engagement and a common strategic vision for the green transition of Serbian society by showcasing Nordic green technologies, production methods and business models as well as sharing best practices,” Ambassador of Norway Jørn Eugen Gjelstad said. The ceremony was held in his residence in Belgrade.

Learning about the circular economy was a very important segment of the project, Minister of European Integrations Tanja Miščević said

The point of the green shift that Europe is pursuing is not only in fighting climate change, preventing irreversible environmental degradation and improving public health, in Gjelstad’s view. “It is just as much about rational economic interests and rational economic choices for a country in the sense of sustaining its access to European markets and making itself attractive for foreign investors,” he stressed.

A very important segment of the project was learning about the circular economy, Serbia’s Minister of European Integrations Tanja Miščević said. She highlighted its development potential and called the linear economy “a thing of the past.”

Norway is role model for Serbia’s energy sector

Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Đedović recalled that Norway is Serbia’s partner in the energy transition both through consultations and investments.

“Our energy sector needs investments in new capacities, above all renewable energy capacities, to implement our green agenda. Nordic companies participate in several projects in the field of renewable energy sources, above all in wind and solar, that have been started or are ongoing in Serbia. We want to continue being their good partner and make our country a destination for new investments, primarily in green energy,” Đedović stated.

The Nordic embassies have organized conferences on sustainable farming, renewables, greening of the industry and waste management

The minister referred to Norway as a role model in the efficient management of state-owned energy companies and energy resources, on behalf of citizens and the whole country. “It is what Serbia strives for. Above all, energy independence and responsible management of our energy companies” during the transition, according to Đedović. In her words, improving risk management is a priority.

Within the Nordic Green initiative, Denmark organized an event dedicated to sustainable farming and Norway held a conference on renewables. Finland has showcased its solutions for greener businesses and industrial processes, and Sweden its best practices for waste separation and recycling.

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Novak Popović / March 8, 2023

Dear author,
what is their plan for the energetic transition in Serbia, If there is any?
Thank you in advance,
Novak Popović!

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