Vienna Europe green international competition green ideas

Vienna, Europe’s unofficial green capital, launches international competition for green ideas

26 April 2022 - Firms and research institutions can apply by July 22 for up to EUR 500,000 for R&D projects for climate protection in Vienna

Planet Earth Day 2022: Invest in Our Planet

Earth Day 2022: Invest in Our Planet

21 April 2022 - The theme of this year's Earth Day is "Invest in Our Planet," with a focus on green investments for a sustainable future.

Sweden first in the world accounts for consumption emissions in climate targets

Sweden introduces imported good’s emissions in country’s climate targets

15 April 2022 - Swedish lawmakers backed the proposal to include CO2 emissions from the production and transport of imported goods in climate targets

We have to run, not walk, to tackle climate change

We have to run, not walk, to tackle climate change!

06 April 2022 - The transformation of the energy sector towards renewable energy sources must be accelerated and emissions must be halved by 2030

Call for European Sustainable Energy Awards extended until April 28

06 April 2022 - The deadline for applications and nominations for the European Sustainable Energy Awards – EUSEW Awards 2022 has been extended until April 28

Fossil fuel giant Occidental capture carbon behalf Airbus

Fossil fuel giant Occidental to capture carbon on behalf of Airbus

23 March 2022 - Occidental Petroleum is making the world's biggest CO2 direct air capture and storage system that will lower Airbus's carbon footprint for a fee

Carbon prices in EU fall despite record surge in fossil fuels

Carbon prices in EU fall despite record surge in fossil fuels

03 March 2022 - The cost of carbon dioxide within the European Union's Emissions Trading System touched EUR 55 per ton this week in a sharp selloff

Energy firms sue four EU countries disrupting fossil fuel

Energy firms sue four EU countries for disrupting their fossil fuel projects

23 February 2022 - Five energy companies including RWE seek almost EUR 3.7 billion in damages from the Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Slovenia

Slovenian steelmaker SIJ invest decarbonization bank loan

Slovenian steelmaker SIJ to invest in decarbonization with bank loan

15 February 2022 - Steelmaker SIJ Group will use a part of a EUR 230 million loan to invest in energy efficiency as part of its decarbonization efforts

Energy Community obligated follow EU CEEAG state aid guidelines

Energy Community is obligated to follow EU’s CEEAG state aid guidelines

14 February 2022 - The EU's Guidelines on State Aid for Climate, Environmental Protection and Energy (CEEAG) are obligatory, the Energy Community Secretariat said

The climate goals of the world's largest companies much more promise than give the concrete results

World’s largest companies promise much more climate action than they deliver

10 February 2022 - Large global companies emphasize intentions to reduce carbon emissions to net zero, but according to the results of the latest analysis, they are going to reduce them by only 40% on average, against their pledges for 100%

European carbon emission prices hit record highs nearing EUR 100 ton

European carbon emission prices hit record highs, nearing EUR 100 per ton

03 February 2022 - The cost of a ton of CO2 within the EU ETS reached an all-time high of just below EUR 95 as the market is bracing for a rally to EUR 100.

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