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October 19, 2023






October 19, 2023





More than a year into the mandate of the current Government of Slovenia, there is a range of new opportunities in the renewable energy market thanks to ongoing legislative efforts. Some hurdles remain, like frequent resistance to utility-scale wind power projects within local communities. If you are looking to invest, we invite you to submit questions you might have about the existing regulatory framework in the country. Our highly knowledgeable CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz lawyers will then be able to help you steer your development plans by addressing your concerns.

Slovenia is determined to speed up its energy transition, with a notable focus on solar power. Progress in the wind power sphere is still gradual, mostly due to protests by local communities and environmentalists against such projects. The country hosts only three separate wind generators.

In light of the European Union’s rising ambitions for decarbonization and the energy transition, a massive solar power deployment plan is underway on the national level. The Slovenian Photovoltaic Association (ZSFV) said 163 MW was added to the grid in the first half of the year and projected total growth for 2023 at 356 MW. It compares to 632 MW that was online on December 31, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Opportunities widening – from photovoltaics along highways to floating solar power plants

The legal framework reform has opened the way for solar power installations on degraded agricultural land, along highways and next to railway tracks as well as on noise barriers. New laws also allowed floating solar power plants and introduced obligatory rooftop photovoltaic systems and solar canopies on parking lots.

Slovenia has regulated the procedure for declaring priority areas for solar power including closed landfills and quarries. In addition, municipalities are now entitled to one-off compensation as encouragement for allowing the installation of wind parks.

Initiatives are underway to promote the agrisolar concept, energy sharing for prosumers and opportunities for consumers to provide grid flexibility services. Notable early achievements have been registered in the spheres of self-supply energy communities, hybrid power plants and geothermal energy.  Slovenian Environmental Public Fund (i.e. Eco Fund) continues to promote development in the field of environment friendly investments by offering financial incentives such as soft loans and grants.

With the long and a difficult path to the envisaged second reactor of Slovenia’s only nuclear power plant Krško, constant financial and supply issues at the only coal-fired power plant and constantly increasing electricity consumption needs, renewables in Slovenia are poised for accelerated expansion.

CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz invites investors to submit questions about regulatory framework

To attract investors’ interest and to help them better understand Slovenia’s regulatory framework and usual market models of project developments, we have invited CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz, one of the leading law offices in the region, to comment on the most common questions investors have for the development of energy projects in Slovenia.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please suggest some questions by giving your consent below and filling in the form.

Please note that CMS does not undertake to answer all questions submitted. Hence, it is possible that your question will not be answered by CMS.

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