RWE PPC launch construction solar power plants 210 MW

RWE, PPC to launch construction of solar power plants of 210 MW in total

26 January 2023 - Through their joint venture Meton Energy, RWE and PPC reached the investment decision for five photovoltaic projects in Greece

Oil refinery in Ballsh in Albania to be turned into 100 MW solar power plant

Oil refinery in Ballsh in Albania to be turned into 100 MW solar power plant

13 January 2023 - A shuttered bitumen facility in Ballsh may reincarnate as a utility-scale photovoltaic plant, according to the Albanian government

Municipal solar power plant Braşov lower power bills 90%

Municipal solar power plant in Braşov to lower power bills by 90%

12 January 2023 - The local authority in the city of Braşov in Romania wants to build its own solar power plant to increase energy independence and cut costs

Balluku Albania aims net electricity exporter 2030

Balluku: Albania aims to become net electricity exporter by 2030, plans solar power auction this year

11 January 2023 - Albania aims to become an energy leader in the region and a net power exporter by 2030, Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku said

Enerjisa first agrivoltaic pilot project Turkey

Enerjisa launches first agrivoltaic pilot project in Turkey

10 January 2023 - The company with the highest installed renewable energy capacity in Turkey is pioneering the agrivoltaic concept

Hive Energy 4 GW solar power storage Turkey

Hive Energy plans 4 GW of solar power with storage in Turkey

09 January 2023 - UK-based Hive Energy revealed its ambition to invest USD 4 billion in the construction of solar power plants with storage in Turkey

national energy plan Turkey aims double electricity generation capacity 2035

Turkey aims to almost double electricity generation capacity by 2035

06 January 2023 - Turkey's 2035 National Energy Plan reveals the ambition to boost solar power capacity fivefold and triple the size of wind power plants

Bulgaria grants rooftop solar systems households

Bulgaria prepares grants for rooftop solar systems for households

06 January 2023 - Bulgaria earmarked EUR 30.5 million for replacing inefficient heating devices in households with rooftop PV panels and solar collectors

Concession Bileca solar power Bosnia and Herzegovina

Concession signed for Bileća solar power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina

05 January 2023 - The company V&Zzaštita won the contract for solar park Bileća, one of many green energy projects in the town of Bileća in sunny Herzegovina

Vau i Dejes Half century old hydropower Albania innovative energy hub

Half century old hydropower plant in Albania is becoming innovative energy hub

02 January 2023 - Hybrid power plants are emerging as an essential ingredient for a world with net zero emissions. Albania's KESH wants to master such solutions.

Most read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in 2022

Most read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in 2022

31 December 2022 - With Russia's attack on Ukraine, the energy crisis took over from the coronavirus pandemic as topic number one this year

SolarPower EU solar power additions 2022 equivalent 100 LNG tankers

EU’s solar power additions in 2022 are equivalent to over 100 LNG tankers

22 December 2022 - A record 41.4 GW of photovoltaic capacity will be installed in the European Union this year, SolarPower Europe said

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