Macedonian-German partners to build solar panels factory in North Macedonia

North Macedonian – German consortium to build solar panel factory in North Macedonia

20 September 2022 - German AE Solar and North Macedonian PiKCELL Group are planning a joint investment in a photovoltaic panel factory in Tetovo

Greece solar hydrogen batteries first flagship investment exceptional importance

Greece declares solar-hydrogen project with batteries its first flagship investment of exceptional importance

19 September 2022 - Hive Energy has earmarked EUR 226.4 million for the construction of a 200 MW PV plant in Greece with a giant battery system and electrolyzer.

Mytilineos PV plants batteries Mt Athos monasteries Greece

Mytilineos to install PV plants, batteries for Mt. Athos monasteries in Greece

16 September 2022 - Mytilineos was picked to install hybrid systems – a combination of solar power and batteries – for 17 monasteries on Mount Athos

Montenegro allows state owned EPCG sell shares stock market

Montenegro allows state-owned EPCG to sell shares in stock market

15 September 2022 - Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG) is obligated by law to sell a 10% stake by September 26 or write off the share package

Akuo Eric Scotto Power prices tamed renewables storage

Akuo’s Scotto: Power prices can only be tamed with renewables, storage

14 September 2022 - Eric Scotto from Akuo Energy said renewables are the only option for easing power price volatility and stressed that storage is essential

Consultant Solar4Kosovo 1 Photovoltaics

Consultant needed for Solar4Kosovo 1 – Photovoltaics project

12 September 2022 - Kosovo Energy Corp. plans to install a solar power plant of up to 100 MW where it used to dump ash and the overburden from coal mining

Abazovic energy projects consortium foreign companies UGT Renewables

Abazović discusses new energy projects with consortium of foreign companies

07 September 2022 - Prime Minister Dritan Abazović met with a consortium of overseas firms led by United States–based UGT Renewables

City of Nis in Serbia solar power plant 61 hectares spatial plan Vrelo

City of Niš in Serbia adds 61 hectares for solar power plant to spatial plan

06 September 2022 - Several firms are interested in buding a solar power plant on 61 hectares near the village of Vrelo, according to city officials in Niš

France to introduce unprecedented measures to cushion energy crisis windeurope

France to introduce unprecedented measures to cushion energy crisis

25 August 2022 - The French government has made a move to have as many new power plants as possible in operation in the shortest possible time

Serbia National Energy Climate Plan

Serbia’s NECP on public review until September 5

19 August 2022 - Serbia is mulling the option for its NECP to start adding small modular reactors in 2032. The emissions reduction is seen at 34.2% to 44.4% by 2030.

BIG Shopping Centers buys 70 MW solar power project in North Macedonia

BIG Shopping Centers buys 70 MW solar power project in North Macedonia

16 August 2022 - BIG Shopping Centers took over a 70 MW photovoltaic project in North Macedonia, which it plans to expand to 105 MW

Erdogan 34 hydropower 125 more pipeline

Erdogan inaugurates 34 hydropower plants

12 August 2022 - Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan inaugurated 34 recently hydropower plants with an estimated annual output of 2.3 TWh in total

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