Cyprus no man s land host joint solar park

Cyprus no man’s land to host joint solar park

12 July 2023 - A study is underway for a joint solar park with storage in the Green Line area, which separates the Cypriot Greek and Turkish communities


Greece’s IPTO enters EuroAsia Interconnector project with 25% share

30 June 2023 - The Independent Electricity Transmission Operator of Greece will participate in the share capital of EuroAsia Interconnector with 25%

Cyprus power grid can t handle more renewables without upgrades storage

Cyprus power grid can’t handle more renewables without upgrades, storage

21 March 2023 - Without improvements, grid operator TSOC will be disconnecting renewable electricity units more often as the share of green energy grows

AGM Lightpower Public consultation largest solar power plant Cyprus storage included

Public consultation underway for largest solar power plant in Cyprus, storage included

13 March 2023 - AGM Lightpower has submitted an environmental impact study for a 72 MW photovoltaic park with a 41 MW battery system.

New Cypriot government first priority reduce electricity costs

New Cypriot government’s first priority is to reduce electricity costs

02 March 2023 - The primary concern is to reduce electricity costs, the new Cypriot Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry George Papanastasiou said

George Papanastasiou New energy environment ministers names unveiled in Cyprus

New energy, environment ministers’ names unveiled in Cyprus

28 February 2023 - Business executive George Papanastasiou is replacing Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry Natasa Pilides

Household solar power systems overload Cyprus electricity grid

Household solar power systems overload Cyprus electricity grid

27 January 2023 - The distribution and transmission system operators in Cyprus asked for a freeze in issuing licenses for small solar power installations for self-consumption

Cyprus first green hydrogen plant fueling trucks

Cyprus to get first green hydrogen plant – for fueling trucks

26 December 2022 - A 2 MW electrolyzer project in Cyprus was selected for a grant through the EU's Innovation Fund in a program for small-scale green tech

works world s longest submarine cable EuroAsia Interconnector

Works begin on world’s longest undersea cable – EuroAsia Interconnector

17 October 2022 - Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades said the EuroAsia Interconnector with Greece and Israel would end his country's energy isolation

Turkish entity Cyprus energy water deal government Nicosia

Turkish entity in Cyprus offers energy, water deal to government in Nicosia

05 July 2022 - Cypriot Turkish leader Ersin Tatar offered the Republic of Cyprus a deal on hydrocarbons, electricity, renewables and water, but under a two-state solution

Cyprus earmarks EUR 98 million for energy efficiency in firms, households, public buildings

Cyprus earmarks EUR 98 million for energy efficiency in firms, households, public buildings

18 February 2022 - The subsidies in the form of grants are the continuation of a program initiated last year. The first public calls are announced for March.

Power utility EAC solar park Church of Cyprus

Power utility EAC developing solar park projects with Church of Cyprus

17 February 2022 - The joint venture of the Holy Archdiocese of Cyprus and Electricity Authority of Cyprus is developing 14 solar power projects in Achera.

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