djedovic minister serbia hyydrogen zijin

Chinese companies eye hydrogen production in Serbian city of Bor

13 November 2023 - Chinese company Shanghai Fengling Renewables has presented its plans to invest in renewables in Serbia, primarily in green hydrogen

Portuguese Prime Minister Costa lithium hydrogen corruption scandal

Portuguese Prime Minister Costa steps down amid lithium, hydrogen corruption scandal

08 November 2023 - António Costa resigned as PM as the authorities are investigating approvals for lithium mining projects and investments in green hydrogen and a data center

Construction Europe first hydrogen pipeline system Netherlands

Construction of Europe’s first hydrogen pipeline system underway in Netherlands

02 November 2023 - The construction of the first section of a 1,200-kilometer hydrogen network in the Netherlands began near Rotterdam


EU adds Greece-Egypt power interconnection project to PCI/PMI list proposal

26 October 2023 - Copelouzos Group's subsea electric cable project GREGY for linking Greece and Egypt made it to the EU's proposed PMI list

Green energy park ammonia hub start operations Croatia Krk 2027

Green ammonia hub set to start operations in Croatia in 2027

24 October 2023 - A startup called Green Energy Park is developing a supply chain for a major green ammonia import and supply hub in Krk in Croatia

sibenik vallis solaris solar investment

Croatian City of Šibenik, Vallis Solaris nearing EUR 1 billion deal on investment in solar

19 October 2023 - Vallis Solaris gave consent to the City of Šibenik to send their agreement for a vote in the local assembly

Lhyfe Schwäbisch Gmünd green hydrogen

Lhyfe starts construction of largest commercial green hydrogen plant in Germany

13 October 2023 - The plant in Schwäbisch Gmünd, east of Stuttgart, will use renewable electricity from hydro, wind, and solar power plants

EU Clean Transition Dialogue on hydrogen

EU’s Clean Transition Dialogue on hydrogen: 67 GW of electrolyzers in pipeline

11 October 2023 - European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Executive Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič have kicked off the first of a series of Clean Transition Dialogues


Southeast Europe keeps boosting regional gas pipeline links

07 October 2023 - As its remains uncertain whether Russia will stay the region's chief gas supplier, countries are looking to strengthen mutual ties

vinkovci croatia josip romic hydrogen walley waste

Croatian city of Vinkovci plans to produce, use hydrogen from waste

04 October 2023 - Josip Romić, the deputy mayor, says the authorities have prepared a pre-feasibility study for the project +ZEMC H2 of the City of Vinkovci

White hydrogen: Sustainable energy from the depths of Earth

White hydrogen: sustainable energy from depths of Earth

02 October 2023 - White hydrogen is gaining attention in the context of decarbonization as it can become one of the cleanest energy sources

Greece Saudi Arabia power interconnection joint venture

Greece, Saudi Arabia launch power interconnection joint venture

28 September 2023 - Greece's transmission system operator IPTO is working on projects for interconnections from Germany and Poland to Saudi Arabia

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