Study: industrially contaminated sites throughout Serbia threaten human health

23 September 2021 - The study was issued in 2020 but has only recently become publicly available, thanks to a local NGO in Bor.

world environment day 2021 generation restoration revive oceans

World Environment Day: UN launches Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

03 June 2021 - The United Nations declared the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration would begin on June 5, the World Environment Day.

unep emissions gap report poorest richest share

World’s richest 1% cause two times more CO2 emissions than poorest 50%

18 December 2020 - The wealthiest 1% of people need to reduce their CO2 footprint by a factor of 30 to stay in line with the Paris Agreement targets, UNEP said.

UN Environment Champions of the Earth award

UN Environment picking Champions of the Earth for annual award

12 February 2020 - The organizers aim to recognize the contribution of leaders from government, civil society and the...

Top 3 Most Read articles in December

04 January 2019 - After the success of our Top 10 Most Read articles in 2018, Balkan Green Energy...

Seven great ideas for plastic-free holidays

27 December 2018 - We’ve all been there. Slumped on the sofa, regretting those extra chocolates, feeling slightly sick...

Participants of Belgrade Ministerial Conference – Reducing pollution in Southeast and South Europe is a national, regional and global challenge

10 December 2018 - A two-day Ministerial Conference Innovative Solutions to Pollution in South East and Southern Europe has been organized...

Improving energy efficiency of buildings and district heating systems must go hand in hand

14 March 2018 - Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and of district heating systems are at first glance...

VIDEO: Belgrade partners with BEA global initiative for energy efficiency enhancement

23 February 2018 - Since the City of Belgrade joined the Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA), the efforts to establish prerequisites...

Update: Building Efficiency Accelerator regional workshop held in Belgrade

28 September 2017 - Updated on November 7, 2017. A regional workshop dedicated to accelerating building efficiency  has been...

30 years of Montreal Protocol – environmental success story

18 September 2017 - This year the world marks the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol designed to reduce...

City of Belgrade ready for major energy efficiency refurbishment project

29 June 2017 - City of Belgrade Energy Secretary Marko Stojanović spoke to Balkan Green Energy News about the...

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