Masses block roads Serbia protest against lithium mining controversial laws

Masses block roads in Serbia in protest against lithium mining, controversial laws

04 December 2021 - Citizens blocked traffic throughout Serbia to demonstrate opposition to controversial laws, Rio Tinto's project and other lithium exploration

Massive protests Serbia Rio Tinto lithium mining ambition pollution

Massive protests in Serbia against Rio Tinto’s lithium mining ambition, pollution

29 November 2021 - Lithium mining projects, pollution and environmental protection issues are igniting large protests almost every day in Serbia


Thousands demand revoking Serbia’s commitments to Rio Tinto

12 September 2021 - The key demand is for the Government of Serbia to revoke all commitments to Rio Tinto, the investor behind the lithium mine project.

Protests against hydropower in the Balkans in July

Protests against hydropower planned across Balkans from July 6-16

02 July 2019 - Environmental activists and civil society organizations (CSOs) from across the Balkans are organizing protests under...

Fridays for Future

Serbia’s first Fridays for Future climate protest held in Belgrade

08 April 2019 - Serbia’s first Fridays for Future climate change protest was held in Belgrade on April 5....

Serbia’s first Fridays for Future climate protest scheduled for April 5

02 April 2019 - Serbia will this week join the Fridays for Future global climate protests, inspired by now...

Residents vow to keep battling small hydropower plant Meteh

03 October 2018 - Residents in Plav in northern Montenegro recently again blocked the start of construction on the...

Thousands rally against small hydropower plants on Mt. Stara Planina

03 September 2018 - An “ecological autonomy” of Mt. Stara Planina will be declared if the authorities fail to...