Packaging waste Serbia

Packaging waste – how citizens pay for businesses’ irresponsibility

13 June 2022 - In this latest article in the series “Serbia, from garbage dumps to circular economy,” Balkan Green Energy News discuss the packaging waste management system with Violeta Belanović Kokir, Kristina Cvejanov, and Dragana Katić

Romania plastic waste recycling rate higher then ones in Austria, France, Hungary

Plastic waste recycling rate in Romania higher than in Austria, France, Hungary

26 October 2021 - Good results in recycling are used by the manufactures of packaging and packaged products to criticize introduction of deposit system


Experts, NGOs demand fresh public consultation on Serbia’s 2021-2024 waste management plan

05 October 2021 - The interested public only learned of the public consultation two days ahead of an online conference organized by the ministry on October 1.

World Cleanup Day

Major action organized at Košutnjak to mark World Cleanup Day in Serbia

23 September 2019 - A major cleanup action was organized at Pionirski Grad in Belgrade’s Košutnjak forest by Ekostar...

reverse vending machines

North Macedonia to introduce reverse vending machines for beverage containers

22 August 2019 - North Macedonia will soon be catching up with the global trend of waste recycling through...

Coca-Cola discloses it puts out 3 million tonnes of plastic packaging a year

14 March 2019 - Coca-Cola has revealed for the first time it produces 3 million tonnes of plastic packaging...

Waste management in Serbia – problems, challenges, and possible solutions

19 February 2019 - Serbia has handed the second draft negotiating position for chapter 27 to the European Commission,...

reverse vending machines

Introduction of deposit system could be discussed in 2019 – SEPA director

08 January 2019 - Serbian Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) Director Filip Radović has announced that the introduction of a...

Istanbul’s deposit system lets you pay transit fare with recyclables

30 October 2018 - As cities around the world start deploying deposit systems, Istanbul, with a population of nearly...

Slovenia plans emergency removal of piled up packaging waste, tomb candles

23 October 2018 - Slovenia’s Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning has drafted a bill aimed at tackling...

Solagro Smart Recycler targets consumers who lost faith in recycling system

10 September 2018 - A lack of a reliable and simple recycling system and unmotivated users result in a...

Sokobanja launches Serbia’s 1st complete source separation system for packaging waste

04 June 2018 - Sokobanja has become the first city in Serbia to put in place a complete source...

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