Greece surpasses 11 GW in renewable energy capacity

14 August 2023 - Power plants in Greece that run on renewable sources had 11.3 GW in total capacity at the end of June, DAPEEP said

Eight EU countries on track meet new NECP solar power targets before 2030

Eight EU countries on track to meet new NECP solar power targets before 2030

09 August 2023 - Cyprus and Croatia are among the EU countries that may hit their 2030 PV targets early, SolarPower Europe said, citing updated NECPs

Dubravka Dedovic Djedovic interview Serbia renewable power plants 3 000 MW

Serbia will build renewable power plants totaling 3,000 MW within several years

28 July 2023 - Minister Dubravka Đedović speaks in an interview about changes in renewable electricity auction rules, how much more capacity the transmission system can handle and how companies would be helped to prepare for the EU's CBAM carbon border tax

comply or close Coal-plants-Western-Balkans-pollution-legal-breaches-2022

Coal plants in Western Balkans increase pollution, legal breaches in 2022

28 June 2023 - Emissions of SO2, NOx and dust all rose last year, Bankwatch said in a report on thermal power plants using coal in the Western Balkans

Serbia target emission cuts 34 2030

Serbia to target emission cuts of 34% by 2030

01 June 2023 - Serbia will declare its targets this year for renewables, energy efficiency and emission cuts, Minister Dubravka Đedović said

Serbia public call April first renewable energy auction

Serbia to launch public call in April for its first renewable energy auction

20 February 2023 - After the amendments to the relevant law are passed, the idea is to issue a public call in April for a wind power auction

Slovenia calls for suggestions for draft climate change law

Slovenia calls for suggestions for draft climate change law

22 September 2022 - Slovenia is drafting the Climate Change Act to create a legal framework for implementing climate policy and reporting on all its aspects

Serbia target emissions cut 40 3 by 2030 upcoming NECP

Serbia to target emissions cut of 40.3% by 2030 in upcoming NECP

27 July 2022 - Serbia presented the preliminary goals for its integrated national energy and climate plan as it is about to start a public debate

Serbia ready first renewable energy auction early next year

Serbia to be ready for first renewable energy auction by early next year

17 November 2021 - Serbia plans to hold a roundtable and workshops for investors before its first renewable energy auction, State Secretary Atanacković said

Kopac Serbia energy power prices raised

Kopač: Serbia taking big steps in energy; power prices must be raised

10 March 2021 - Energy Community Secretariat Director Janez Kopač praised the reforms in Serbia but also stressed the prices of power for households must be increased

Slovenia's national plan affirms goal to become carbon neutral by 2050

Slovenia’s national plan affirms goal to become carbon neutral by 2050

02 March 2020 - The former Yugoslav republic stays committed to slashing its dependence on fossil fuels and wants...


Top 3 in September: New fossil fuel subsidies planned in EU, Tesla, decarbonization

01 October 2019 - The world is taking strides to a point of no return on climate breakdown, yet...

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