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Serbia adopts Low Carbon Development Strategy

07 June 2023 - The most expensive scenario for the country is to ignore the costs related to climate change, the document said

Birol Three myths about the global energy crisis

IEA’s Birol debunks three myths about global energy crisis

07 September 2022 - Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), wrote an op-ed for the Financial Times

Croatia adopts low-carbon strategy emissions to be reduced 80 percent by 2050

Croatia adopts low-carbon strategy: emissions to be reduced 80% by 2050

03 June 2021 - Climate neutrality is difficult to achieve by 2050 with currently available knowledge and technologies, according to the strategy.

Bulgaria EUR 1 5 billion EU recovery energy efficiency

Bulgaria to use EUR 1.5 billion from EU recovery fund for energy efficiency

27 November 2020 - Minister Petya Avramova says the energy efficiency segment of the Recovery and Resilience Plan of Bulgaria would be worth EUR 1.53 billion

gas power plants green investment eu

EU to impose stricter rules for gas power plants to get green investment label

09 November 2020 - The EU is drafting an obligation on financial institutions to disclose which investments meet climate criteria.

Eighty Croatian organizations demand green recovery from newly elected lawmakers

Eighty Croatian organizations demand green recovery from newly elected lawmakers

11 July 2020 - Renewable energy sources and investments in knowledge, innovations and people and domestic resources must be...

Low carbon development strategy aims to boost competitiveness

Low carbon development strategy aims to boost Serbia’s competitiveness

13 January 2020 - Serbia presented its proposition for the strategy of low carbon development with an action plan...

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Public consultations on low carbon development strategy last until late January

31 December 2019 - The Government of Serbia said it started the public consultation process for the proposition of...

Climate negotiations: From Paris to Katowice and what lies ahead

15 January 2019 - Author: Danijela Božanić, climate change expert Climate change is one of the key problems of...

Low-carbon development in Bosnia and Herzegovina – an opportunity for economic development

10 October 2018 - Author: Nejra Spahić, mechanical engineer, Expert Associate, Energy Projects, the Regional Education and Information Centre...

Slovenia boosts 2018 subsidies to fight climate change

18 July 2018 - The Slovenian government has adopted a revision of the 2018 budget of Eko Sklad, the...

17 students successfully complete the 14th Regional summer school on low emission development planning in Fojnica

13 July 2018 - The 14th Regional Summer School on Low Emission Development Planning, held in Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina...