First calcium battery that could provide more sustainable alternative to lithium

14 February 2024 - The scientists claim they have developed the first calcium-based battery that can charge and discharge 700 times at room temperature

brcko district lithium nisic

Red light for lithium in Brčko District of BiH – mayor

02 February 2024 - Lithium exploration and potential mining of lithium has long been a major issue in neighboring Serbia and now it is gaining importance in BiH

vucic lithium rio tinto expo 2027 solar bistrica

Vučić: Major energy projects to commence; new Government of Serbia to decide on Rio Tinto’s lithium project

21 January 2024 - President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić presented a development program for the period until the Specialized Expo 2027 exhibition in Belgrade

Vucic asks Rio Tinto improve lithium mining project Serbia

Vučić asks Rio Tinto to improve its lithium mining project in Serbia

18 January 2024 - President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić said Rio Tinto has to offer "the cleanest solution" to be allowed to resume its lithium mining project

US vast lithium reserves Salton Sea geothermal reservoir

US finds vast lithium reserves in Salton Sea geothermal reservoir

09 January 2024 - Geothermal waters in the Salton Sea area in California contain 3.4 million tons of lithium, enough for over 375 million EV batteries

Most read 2023 Balkan Green Energy News

Most read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in 2023

29 December 2023 - The more the energy transition progresses, the more questions and challenges arise. Here are the most important topics, according to the readers of Balkan Green Energy News.


Italy to subsidize centralized energy storage system projects with EUR 17.7 billion

27 December 2023 - Italy is launching a state aid package of EUR 17.7 billion for the establishment of a centralized electricity storage system

YEO Technology Reap Battery gigafactory Turkey 2024

YEO Technology to open Reap Battery gigafactory in Turkey in 2024

25 December 2023 - YEO Technology expects its subsidiary Reap Battery to begin mass production of battery energy storage systems in the second half of 2024


EU to set up strategic deals with third countries to mine critical raw materials including lithium

13 December 2023 - The Critical Raw Materials Act enables the EU to source strategic minerals including lithium through deals with friendly third countries

vulcan lithium Landau Zero Carbon Lithium Project

Vulcan opens Europe’s first fully domestic lithium production plant in Germany

30 November 2023 - Lithium extraction from salt water has a much lower environmental impact than projects at salt deserts and mines

Rio Tinto files nine lawsuits against Serbia

Rio Tinto filed nine lawsuits against Serbia

15 November 2023 - Rio Tinto’s Serbian subsidiary Rio Sava has submitted nine lawsuits against the Government of Serbia over the suspension of the Jadar project

Portuguese Prime Minister Costa lithium hydrogen corruption scandal

Portuguese Prime Minister Costa steps down amid lithium, hydrogen corruption scandal

08 November 2023 - António Costa resigned as PM as the authorities are investigating approvals for lithium mining projects and investments in green hydrogen and a data center

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