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New UN IPCC report calls for climate justice, resilient development

20 March 2023 - There are multiple, feasible and effective options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to human-caused climate change, IPCC said


Heatwaves, drought hit Europe in world’s third warmest July ever

10 August 2022 - Prolonged and intense heatwaves affected parts of Europe during July and are continuing in August

We have to run, not walk, to tackle climate change

We have to run, not walk, to tackle climate change!

06 April 2022 - The transformation of the energy sector towards renewable energy sources must be accelerated and emissions must be halved by 2030


Leaked papers reveal major pushback against fossil fuel phaseout

22 October 2021 - Saudi Arabia, Australia, and OPEC are lobbying against fossil fuel phaseout, while Brazil and Argentina oppose the promotion of meat-free diet.

July 2021 is the world’s hottest month ever recorded

July 2021 was the world’s hottest month ever recorded

18 August 2021 - It remains very likely that 2021 will rank among the world’s 10-warmest years on record, according to US agency NOAA.

UN IPCC Global warming 1.5 degrees 2040

UN’s IPCC: Global warming may reach 1.5 degrees already by 2040

09 August 2021 - Only a drastic CO2 emission cut can prevent the worst global warming scenario, but the 1.5-degree level will still be hit by 2040, IPCC said


Cypriot, Greek, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish airports commit to net-zero emissions by 2050

10 July 2019 - Cypriot, Greek, Romanian, Serbian and Turkish airports are among 194, operated by 40 airport operators...

Global warming report calls for “unprecedented changes” in all aspects of society

08 October 2018 - The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the leading world body for assessing the science...

Arctic’s warmest year – speed of changes matches biggest pessimists forecasts

21 December 2016 - The accelerated pace Arctic ice meltdowns is hardly a surprise to the scientific community.  Yet...

EPS invests EUR 500 million in hydropower

02 November 2016 - Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) will invest about half a billion euros in the...