Portuguese Prime Minister Costa lithium hydrogen corruption scandal

Portuguese Prime Minister Costa steps down amid lithium, hydrogen corruption scandal

08 November 2023 - António Costa resigned as PM as the authorities are investigating approvals for lithium mining projects and investments in green hydrogen and a data center

Protesters local communities mining and exploration disrupt mineral conference Belgrade

Protesters from local communities affected by mining and exploration disrupt mineral resources conference in Belgrade

07 November 2023 - Environmental activists and people from affected local communities interrupted a mining conference in Belgrade

Serbia lithium exploitation agreement European Commission

Leaked – Serbia signs lithium exploitation agreement with European Commission

28 October 2023 - Serbia and the European Commission signed a letter of intent on a partnership for batteries and critical raw materials including lithium


Arrests in Bulgaria for enabling solar power projects on fertile land

26 October 2023 - Two officials in Bulgaria are charged with illegally lowering the quality grades of agricultural land to allow solar power plant projects

Bulgarian President Radev overturn both new energy laws

Bulgarian President Radev trying to overturn both new energy laws

19 October 2023 - President Rumen Radev is trying to prevent the use of agricultural land for electricity production and he refused to enact the Law on Energy for failing to protect consumers


Whistleblowers are crucial for response to climate change, pollution

16 October 2023 - Whistleblowers have a key role in shaping their organization's response to climate change and pollution, British group Protect said

ECF annual report 2022 Climate action green democratic peaceful Europe

ECF annual report 2022: Climate action for green, democratic, peaceful Europe

16 October 2023 - Emissions are still climbing and national plans aren't sufficient to contain global warming, CEO of ECF Laurence Tubiana said in its annual report

Energy Transition Forum: People should benefit from energy transition

05 October 2023 - The Energy Community region needs a green deal with a just energy transition in its core, participants said at an event in Skopje

LEITWIND LTW42 250 kW, the third wind turbine installed in the entire state of Slovenia

LEITWIND LTW42 250 kW, the third wind turbine installed in the entire state of Slovenia

26 September 2023 - This month marked the completion of the installation of the first LEITWIND LTW42 250 kW turbine in Razdrto, a village in the municipality of Postojna, Slovenia

Activists concerned following European Parliament vote on Critical Raw Materials Act

Activists slam EU after vote on Critical Raw Materials Act

17 September 2023 - Civil society organizations criticized EU institutions after the European Parliament adopted a position on the Critical Raw Materials Act

A1 brings Erin Brockovich to Belgrade

Telecommunications company A1 brings Erin Brockovich to Belgrade

15 September 2023 - Famous environmental activists Erin Brockovich was the special guest this year at the A1 Talk conference for the business community

andrada hungary recycling battery

Slovenian firm Andrada to build battery recycling plant in Hungary

01 September 2023 - The company founders are Slovenian entrepreneurs, experts, and automotive suppliers TAB Mežica, and ACH Invest

Toxic tailings dump North Macedonia solar power plant

Toxic tailings dump in North Macedonia to be turned into solar power plant

29 August 2023 - The town of Probištip in North Macedonia will seek an investor to remediate a mining tailings dump and build a solar power plant on the site

Greenpeace: Oil companies investing pocket change in renewable energy sources

Greenpeace: Oil companies investing pocket change in renewable energy sources

24 August 2023 - Europe's twelve largest oil companies are misleading the public about their readiness for a gradual transition to renewable energy sources

EU blocks wastewater treatment project Kosovo due sanctions

EU blocks wastewater treatment project in Kosovo* due to sanctions

15 August 2023 - The European Union suspended grants and investments in wastewater treatment systems in Kosovo* as part of sanctions against the government

Hidroelectrica Danube Delta wind park angers environmentalists

Hidroelectrica’s Danube Delta wind park project angers environmentalists

08 August 2023 - Hidroelectrica is working on a wind farm project worth over EUR 650 million in a protected area in the Danube Delta, with the government's support

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