Amazon deforestation rate in Brazil highest since 2006

Amazon deforestation rate in Brazil highest since 2006

21 November 2021 - A new government report shows a 22% increase in the deforestation of Brazil’s Amazon


Scientists warn replacing fossil fuels with wood is ‘false solution’ to climate crisis

15 February 2021 - Over 500 scientists have warned world leaders against treating biomass as carbon neutral and supporting tree cutting for energy production.

FAO programme to use drones to protect forests on Kosovo

FAO programme to use modern technologies to protect forests on Kosovo*

29 October 2020 - FAO has launched а forestry programme to strengthen sustainable and multipurpose forest management in Kosovo*.

clima@-2020-finalists and environmental challenges they try to solve

Three major environmental challenges clim@ 2020 finalists address

19 May 2020 - We are only two weeks away from the clim@ 2020 pitching event to select the...


March 21 is International Day of Forests: Home to 80% of all terrestrial species

20 March 2020 - The global celebration of forests – March 21 has been declared to be the International...

biodiversity loss coronavirus

How biodiversity loss is hurting our ability to combat pandemics

16 March 2020 - The increasing frequency of disease outbreaks is linked to climate change and biodiversity loss. The...

Green for Growth Fund

Green for Growth Fund helps kids from Serbia compete in Canada

31 July 2019 - After Balkan Green Energy News appealed in early April for financial assistance to help kids...

EU Overshoot Day: 7% of world’s population uses nearly 20% of Earth’s biocapacity

16 May 2019 - If everybody in the world lived like EU residents, the world would have exhausted the...

International Day of Forests: Deforestation is global, regional problem contributing to climate change

21 March 2019 - Forests filter out dust and other particles from air and have a positive impact on...