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Exergy deliver 8 MW geothermal power plant Emirler Turkey

Exergy to deliver 8 MW geothermal power plant to Emirler in Turkey

19 January 2024 - Italian company Exergy International will supply an 8 MW geothermal binary plant to Emirler Enerji in Turkey

Exergy to supply first-ever Made-in-Turkey generator for 10 MWe geothermal power plant

05 November 2018 - Exergy, a subsidiary of Italy’s Maccaferri Industrial Group, has attained the Turkish Certification for local...

Turkey signs new contract with EXERGY for 12.6 MWe geothermal plant

Turkey signs new contract with EXERGY for 12.6 MWe geothermal plant

21 February 2018 - EXERGY and GCL ND ENERJI A.S. have signed a new contract for a 12.6 MWe...

Exergy’s Denizli Tosumlar ORC geothermal plant in Turkey wins top plant award

07 December 2016 - The Denizli Tosunlar ORC geothermal power plant in Turkey received the Top Plant award in...

Turkish authorities approve five Exergy geothermal units in just five days

19 November 2016 - Italian energy equipment manufacturer Exergy S.p.A. managed to win approval from Turkish authorities for five...

Exergy signed new contract for 24 MW geothermal ORC power plant in Turkey

25 October 2016 - Exergy and Bestepeler Enerji Üretim Ticaret A.s signed a new contract for the supply of a...


Exergy adding 200 MW in geothermal in Turkey

12 August 2016 - The Turkish subsidiary of Exergy SpA, Italian manufacturer in the geothermal sector, aims to add...

Italian green energy company Exergy thrives in Turkey

06 January 2016 - Attracted by Turkey’s geothermal energy potential, Italian engineering company Exergy’s investment in a turbine production...

Exergy commissions low enthalpy geothermal plant

16 July 2015 - Italian organic Rankine cycle (ORC) turbines manufacturer Exergy has begun operations at a new 4...

Yediyol Turkish geothermal-heated greenhouse firm Netherlands food exports

Turkish geothermal-heated greenhouse firm wants to beat Netherlands in food exports

06 February 2024 - Istanbul-based firm Yediyol completed the first phase of its geothermal-heated greenhouse project of an overall 100 hectares

Renewables 99 5 share new capacity 2023 Turkey

Renewables had 99.5% share in new capacity in 2023 in Turkey

23 January 2024 - Minister Alparslan Bayraktar called 2023 "the year of renewables" in Turkey as they accounted for 99.5% of added power capacity

Turkey maintains geothermal superpower status

17 March 2016 - Eighteen facilities generating electricity from geothermal sources came online last year in the world, adding...