Government rolls out green energy incentives scheme


August 13, 2016






August 13, 2016





Rules on financial stimulation for energy efficiency, district heating and the use of renewable sources entered into force for state aid awarded by the Ministry of Infrastructure and other responsible institutions in Slovenia. The main criteria are the amount of energy saved, the amount of energy produced from renewable, the decrease in emissions and cost-effectiveness, according to the document published in the official gazette.

Stimulation is also intended for activities in the field of environmental protection, combined heat and power (CHP) generation, district cooling, efficient management of electric power grid and smart grids. The system includes co-financing of studies and energy audits for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs. The new rulebook is the basis for state aid scheme according to which the ministry will award incentives to entities performing economic activity. Stimulations will also be approved by the Eco Fund (Eko sklad).

The document says investments in biomass-fuelled boilers are also eligible for incentives, as are heat pump projects. The overall condition is that the financial framework is complete and that funds are secured. State aid will cover 30% to 50% of costs, with the biggest possible amounts of EUR 15 million to EUR 50 million depending on the class.

Incentives according to de minimis principle will be approved to companies for all mentioned activities except in the field of electric power grid and smart grids. The section is for covering up to 40% of costs but not more than EUR 200,000. Subsidies and investment transfers are for up to 50% of costs of investments of public institutions and municipal authorities.


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