Net metering decree comes into force


January 15, 2016





January 15, 2016




Slovenian prosumers, consumers of electricity who also generate power, became active players in the market with the implementation of the decree on self-consumption and net metering. The regulations cover households and small business customers. Installation of the device in the home low-voltage system is for the most part intended for the utilization of electricity from renewable sources. Potential surplus is sold to a power trader, portal Naš stik reported.

The decree and the rulebook based on it determine the conditions and safety measures. Nominal strength of the net metering device is limited to 11 kilovolt-amperes, suitable for covering household needs throughout the year. The overall controlled deployed power for the calendar year is seven megavolt-amperes for household consumers and three megavolt-amperes for small businesses. Adding 10 MW of supply per year until 2020 would mean 27.8 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide less emissions and another 50 megavolt-amperes would be equivalent to 52.5 GWh of green energy without additional burden for the support scheme for renewables, the article said.

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