Slovenia funding home energy efficiency, green power


March 15, 2016





March 15, 2016




Borzen, power market operator, said owners and co-owners of Slovenian houses and buildings with several homes can apply for stimulation of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Citizens and legal persons are entitled if they plan the project to be finished by September 30. Applications will be received until April 11. Participants will be supported in thermal insulation of the façade and ceiling, roof replacement, windows, switching heating to boilers which burn wood biomass, lighting, heat pumps and other measures.

Earlier this month, Slovenian Environmental Public Fund invited homeowners to apply for grants in a project of energy efficiency and renewables. Overall volume of stimulation is EUR 15.8 million, including EUR 1.8 million from the European Union’s Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) for investment in wood biomass–fuelled boilers for central heating in municipalities with an air quality plan. The national programme  provided another EUR 1 million in SCCF’s support to home renewal in municipalities with air quality strategy. Users can also apply for loans with an interest rate equivalent to three-month Euribor plus 1.5 percentage points.

The Eco Fund also provided cheap loans under the same conditions and grants for electric and hybrid vehicles. Legal entities can apply for overall subsidies of EUR 2 million and citizens have EUR 500,000 available. Grants are between EUR 3,000 and EUR 7,500 per vehicle.

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