Energy Crisis


Serbia’s EPS delaying, reconsidering reconstruction of coal plant units

27 April 2022 - EPS said it is reconsidering the plan to reconstruct coal plant units TENT A1 and A2 and that it intends to start works on TENT B2 only in 2025

Bulgaria reviewing gas transit contracts Gazprom delivery suspension

Bulgaria reviewing gas transit contracts with Gazprom after delivery suspension

27 April 2022 - Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said Gazprom's move is blackmail and that the government is reviewing all agreements, including the ones on transit

Balkan countries offshore platforms LNG replace Russian gas

Balkan countries count on offshore platforms, LNG to replace Russian gas

20 April 2022 - Southeastern European countries are cutting red tape for offshore gas, offering incentives and looking at LNG as an alternative to Russian gas

Power price boost of up to 400 percent threatens businesses in Croatia

Croatian companies face up to 400 percent higher power bills with new contracts

15 April 2022 - The Croatian Employers' Association is asking for electricity subsidies similar to the model introduced for natural gas

Wind solar PPA prices 27 5 Europe year over year

Wind, solar PPA prices jump 27.5% in Europe year over year

14 April 2022 - The wind and solar PPA index for 14 European countries rallied 8.6% in the first quarter and 27.5% year on year, to EUR 57 per MWh

Government announced exploration and extraction of fossil gas and oil, environmentalists oppose

Environmentalists oppose Greece’s plan to accelerate fossil gas exploration, extraction

14 April 2022 - Greece is speeding up exploration activities with the aim to exploit potential oil and gas reserves and build infrastructure


Energy transition in Western Balkans – how to move forward

08 April 2022 - In an op-ed for Balkan Green Energy News, energy experts Mirza Kušljugić and Damir Miljević write about the ongoing energy crisis and the energy transition in the Western Balkans.

EU bans coal import from Russia, world to prepare for surge in coal, gas, power prices

EU bans Russian coal imports – what lies ahead for global coal, gas, power prices

08 April 2022 - EU member states import more than 40 percent of the coal they consume, and half is supplied from Russia

Serbia to be exempted from EU sanctions against Russian firms regarding oil

Serbia to be exempt from EU’s sanctions against Russian oil firms

08 April 2022 - The fourth package of EU sanctions has banned EU companies from doing business with a new list of Russian companies

EU Fit for 55

Revised Fit for 55: Preliminary goals show more renewables, nuclear, coal – much less natural gas

06 April 2022 - The revision of the Fit for 55 energy package calls for more renewables, coal and nuclear in order to offset a great reduction in natural gas

EPS to import coal from Montenegro

EPS to import coal from Montenegro

05 April 2022 - Serbia's power utility Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) will purchase coal from Montenegro’s Pljevlja Coal Mine

Environmentalists expressly oppose lignite mine opening announcement in North Macedonia

Environmentalists oppose lignite mine projects in North Macedonia

05 April 2022 - The general manager of state-owned utility ESM said it would open two lignite mines, which...

Russia converts gas payment in rubles, Gazprom continues to supply EU countries nord stream

Russia converts gas payment in rubles, Gazprom continues to supply EU countries

01 April 2022 - Gas market so far didn’t react to the new rules which could be a sing there is no threat that the supplies to Europe would be ceased

janaf nis transport oil serbia russia sanctions

JANAF to halt oil transport to Serbia, authorities examining options

30 March 2022 - It is a result of the European Union's fourth package of sanctions against Russian companies, adopted on March 15

EU to allow Western Balkans to take part in joint gas purchases

EU to allow Western Balkans to take part in joint gas purchases

29 March 2022 - Western Balkan countries will be able to join the European Union's platform for voluntary joint purchasing of gas and hydrogen.

US additional 15 billion cubic meters gas EU this year LNG

US to secure additional 15 billion cubic meters of gas for EU this year with LNG

25 March 2022 - The US said it would strive to ensure, with international partners, added LNG volumes for the EU of at least 15 billion cubic meters in 2022

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