Energy Crisis

golob nuclear power plant krsko nek

Golob: Right time for nuclear, Slovenia to decide on referendum

01 November 2022 - Slovenia is planning to increase the power generation from nuclear energy, and Croatia is also interested in joining the investment

EU earmarks grants Western Balkans cope energy crisis 2023

EU earmarks grants for Western Balkans to cope with energy crisis in 2023

28 October 2022 - Ursula von der Leyen promised budget aid to Western Balkan governments for energy crisis mitigation measures for families and firms.

electricity prices association employers federation bih

Companies in FBiH request 20% cap on increase in electricity prices for 2023

26 October 2022 - Businesses want the Government of FBiH to cap the potential increase in tariffs to 20% like it did late last year for 2022

Adam Cortese UGT Renewables

Innovative model for empowering Macedonian power utility through American-South Korean consortium

21 October 2022 - In an interview with Adam Cortese, CEO of UGT Renewables (UGTR), we discuss how the company and its partners can help ESM to develop and construct new solar power capacities and improve its power system flexibility with battery energy storage systems

Slovenia s HSE appoints Viktor Vracar head troubled coal plant TES

Slovenia’s HSE appoints Viktor Vračar as head of troubled coal plant TEŠ

21 October 2022 - Slovenia's state-owned energy producer HSE is transferring Managing Director Viktor Vračar to the helm of its beleaguered coal power plant TEŠ

EU leaders in principle cap sharp increases gas prices

EU leaders agree in principle to cap sharp increases in gas prices

21 October 2022 - The European Council agreed in principle on measures to ease the energy crisis, passing the issue to ministers and the European Commission

montenegro tourism energy tourists digital nomads winter electricity prices

Unexpected winter season for Montenegrin tourism – energy tourists are coming

20 October 2022 - Energy tourists are EU citizens who plan to move during the winter to countries where energy is not so expensive

Students University Belgrade organize energy conference support

Students from University of Belgrade to organize energy conference – let’s support them!

18 October 2022 - Student conference Serbia's Energy Stability in the Context of the Global Energy Crisis will be held in November on the Zlatibor mountain

Germany to extend operation of three nuclear power plants by April 2023 olaf scholz

Germany to extend operation of three nuclear power plants until April 2023

18 October 2022 - Germany is trying to ensure a stable supply of energy and lower the prices of electricity and natural gas

European Climate Foundation 2021 annual report

European Climate Foundation publishes 2021 annual report

18 October 2022 - The world is facing a convergence of a military crisis, an energy crisis, an economic crisis and a hunger crisis, the European Climate Foundation said

Lack of coal boosts Slovenias power import dependency 75

Lack of coal boosts Slovenia’s power import dependency to 75%

17 October 2022 - Thermal power plant TEŠ was shut down upon the recommendation of Slovenia's transmission system operator ELES to save coal for the winter


France joins Germany in accusing US of using Ukraine war to overcharge for gas

12 October 2022 - American allies in Europe believe the US should show solidarity amid growing pressure over high gas prices

Leaked Serbia secretly hired Rystad Energy Norway consultant

Leaked – Serbia secretly hired Rystad Energy from Norway as consultant

12 October 2022 - The Government of Serbia signed a secret consulting deal with Norway-based Rystad Energy, according to a news report

Renewable energy producers in Croatia, Serbia terminate feed-in tariff contracts

Renewable energy producers in Croatia, Serbia terminate feed-in tariff contracts

11 October 2022 - In Croatia, 63 power plants with a total capacity of 341 MW have so far terminated their contracts, compared to 11 in Serbia

Minister Han firms Slovenia hold off buying power gas 2023

Minister Han says firms in Slovenia should hold off on buying power, gas for 2023

07 October 2022 - Minister of Economic Development and Technology Matjaž Han recommended to energy buyers in Slovenia not to sign contracts yet

Albania cancel VAT solar wind power equipment

Albania to cancel VAT for solar, wind power equipment

07 October 2022 - Albania plans to exempt imported machinery and other equipment for the production of green energy from the value-added tax

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