Aerocompact delivers roof racking for close to 1 GW in photovoltaics in Eastern Europe in 2022


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February 21, 2023




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February 21, 2023




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Aerocompact, Austrian manufacturer of aluminium structures for photovoltaic modules, achieved output last year that can accommodate close to 1 GW of rooftop solar power systems in East Europe.

Starting with an innovative bracket system for mounting solar panels that reduces the amount of material required for the substructure for photovoltaic systems by a third, Aerocompact has expanded its activities in the development, production and distribution of mounting solutions for photovoltaic systems.

All static requirements, wind and snow loads are taken into account, the company based in Austria said, adding that it applies the highest industry standards and regulations.

Aerocompact-roof-racking 1-GW-Eastern-Europe-2022-photovoltaics

Safety and efficiency is the key for rooftop PV systems

“Convinced that solar technology holds the key to resource and environmentally friendly energy generation, we are driving global decarbonization with our intelligent mounting solutions. Our mission is to enable our customers to install solar systems safely around the world,” the company’s sales manager for the Western Balkans Nikolay Kambarev pointed out.

But what exactly does it mean? In order to install a PV system on a roof or on the ground, detailed calculations must be carried out. Calculating a mounting structure suitable for the chosen solar panels and the roof or ground surface is the most important part for a safe installation.

To install a PV system on a roof or on the ground, detailed calculations must be carried out

Aluminium provides remarkable rigidity, and Aerocompact offers a 25-year product warranty. The company underscored that its system solutions are compact and aerodynamic, regardless of the surface they are attached to.

Its engineers attribute the stability and safety to the unique shape of the support components and their high-quality finish. All Aerocompact’s products are tested in accordance with the highest industry standards and static design.

roof racking 1 GW Eastern Europe 2022 photovoltaics

Aerotool software processes project parameters in minutes

To make sure your modules will stay on the roof during a storm, you need to calculate how much ballast you need. Wind strength depends on the zone you are in, the environment and the height of the roof. Together this data determine the wind load, expressed in kilonewtons per square meter – kN/m2.

Aerotool software enables customers and employees around the world to plan and design solar systems using Google Maps. They can generate a project report with location-specific static calculations in just a few steps. Aerotool has quickly become one of the world’s leading platforms in this market segment.

Aerocompact is providing state-of-the-art wind tunnel test reports that comply with key building regulations such as Eurocode EN 1991-1-4

All necessary wind maps, snow loads, country-specific code standards and the results of product tests such as wind tunnels, are programmed into the software.

“In day-to-day business, our customers and employees can plan around the world in minutes without ever being on the project site. Our aerodynamically optimized PV mounting solutions are patent protected and offer safety and mechanical stability. All products are tested to the highest industry standards and are particularly cost-effective,” Kambarev explained.

Aerocompact completed the most extensive wind tunnel testing program of all its flat roof ballast systems at the German I.F.I. – Institut für Industrieaerodynamik. The manufacturer of aluminium structures for photovoltaic panels has achieved its ultimate goal, as it is providing state-of-the-art wind tunnel test reports that comply with key building regulations such as Eurocode EN 1991-1-4. In addition, the reports comply with ASCE 7-16, which is the code in the United States for minimum design loads and associated criteria for buildings and other structures.

Step ahead of snow

The staff at Aerocompact are dedicated to solving snow load issues. Given the expectations that winters would become harsher and snow intensity would increase, they have carried out a number of tests and static checks in accordance with globally recognised standards such as UL 2703.

Aerocompact’s CompactFlat S-Alpine heavy-duty snow system has extra reinforcement in the middle of the panel. Its design-rated load, as determined by UL testing, corresponds to 4,400 Pascal, equivalent to 440 kilograms per square meter, allowing deployment in many heavy snow regions around the world. The cantilever construction is designed so that bumps are easily compensated and there are no spaces for water retention.

In February 2023, Aerocompact officially launched a new SN2 flat roof system suitable for even larger modules – up to 2,384 mm x 1,303 mm.

The new system offers a solution for every flat roof application and enables short-side and long-side clamping. The same components can be used in both – south-facing and east/west-facing systems.

The system is suitable for high wind loads (up to 2.4 kN/m2) and snow loads (up to 5.4 kN/m2).

The installation can be done only by one person.

Customers appreciate the benefits of Aerocompact:

– 25-year product warranty
– Potential connection via grounding rivets in the brackets saves installation time
– Easy to use for quick installation and to avoid installation errors
– Fast and timely delivery to customer address
– Lightweight solution with compact stacking capability, allowing designs for up to 1 MW to fit in one truck
– A truly renewable product, made in Europe from recycled aluminium
– Country sales representative who supports you for any solutions

For more information, sales managers can be contacted for more solutions and information:


Nikolay Kambarev                                                    Deyan Krastev

Sales Manager Western Balkans                           Sales Manager Bulgaria

M. +359 889 88 66 60                                            M. + 359 888 009 114         


Michael Vidovic                                                        Gabor Jurgut

Sales Manager Slovenia / Croatia                          Sales Manager Hungary

M. +386 70 713 043                                               M. +36 30 893 0005             


Radu Borzos

Sales Manager Romania

M. +40 767 499 460

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