North Macedonia prosumers sell surplus electricity

North Macedonia enables prosumers to sell surplus electricity

16 June 2022 - Households, firms and institutions registered as prosumers can sell surplus electricity from their rooftop solar systems from next month

Eightfold number prosumers Romania 2021

Eightfold increase in number of prosumers recorded in Romania in 2021

06 June 2022 - Reforms, subsidies and investments enabled the growth in capacity installed by prosumers last year in Romania by 424% to 85 MW.

Serbian City Pirot major investments solar power

Serbian City of Pirot is attracting major investments in solar power

30 May 2022 - The local authority in Pirot in Serbia's southeast is working on solar power projects of all sizes and bringing investors to the sunny city

EU rooftop solar all public buildings 2025

EU wants rooftop solar on all public buildings by 2025

12 May 2022 - The European Commission will promote the installation of rooftop solar panels on every public building by 2025, the REPowerEU draft shows

Slovenia Prapretno biggest solar power plant

Slovenia inaugurates Prapretno, its biggest solar power plant

08 April 2022 - The Hrastnik municipality now hosts the largest solar power plant in Slovenia, and other projects are underway

Turkish aluminum Tosyalı world biggest rooftop solar

Turkish aluminum producer Tosyalı launches world’s biggest rooftop solar project

23 March 2022 - In cooperation with Huawei and SolarAPEX, aluminum producer Tosyalı is building solar power systems of an overall 140 MW on roofs at all its facilities

CMS Solar PV net-metering publication

CMS publishes guide on prospects for rooftop solar for Central and Eastern Europe

28 February 2022 - Law firm CMS has published a guide on rooftop photovoltaics and net metering for prosumers in six countries of Central and Eastern Europe

North Macedonia allow bigger capacity rooftop solar power systems

North Macedonia to allow bigger capacity for rooftop solar power systems

10 February 2022 - Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi said North Macedonia would boost the allowed rooftop photovoltaic capacity for households and firms

Luxor Solar donates solar panels to Sarajevo University

Luxor Solar donates solar panels to Sarajevo University for education purposes

07 December 2021 - Luxor Solar provided the University of Sarajevo in BiH with 90 solar modules for optimization and research

Romania call subsidies solar panels weak results

Romania hopes second call for solar subsidies to be successful

22 November 2021 - Romania will subsidize households with EUR 57 million for the installation of solar power panels, after the previous round mostly failed


It isn’t hard anymore to talk about renewable energy in Serbia

17 November 2021 - There were massive positive changes in the renewable energy market since the last Hard Talk with Serbia, participants concluded in a two-day debate

Slovenia adopts Electricity Supply Act after two year delay

Slovenia adopts Electricity Supply Act after two-year delay

22 October 2021 - The National Assembly passed the Electricity Supply Act after adopting amendments that make all end consumers in the market equal

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