Garbage dumps in Serbia are quietly poisoning its citizens

21 February 2022 - Waste comes back like a boomerang through our water, land and air, enters the food chain and slowly poisons us

Geothermal water California Stanton Sea US lithium demand

Geothermal-rich California could cover US lithium demand

01 December 2021 - The Salton Sea in the southern part of California can supply 600,000 tons of lithium per year, an amount exceeding the current annual consumption of the US

Zrenjanin Serbia determined radicalize protests 17 years of thirst

Zrenjanin in Serbia determined to radicalize protests after 17 years of thirst

20 August 2021 - Zrenjanin is thirsty and its inhabitants are holding regular protest drives and demanding that all people in the city's territory get potable water from the waterworks

EU countries fail cut emissions most toxic lignite-fired plants

EU countries fail to minimize pollution from large combustion plants

18 August 2021 - EEB warns of a massive financial and health bill as big industrial units that use lignite stretched rules from the Industrial Emissions Directive

EU court fines Greece over pollution of water with agricultural nitrates

EU court fines Greece over pollution of water with agricultural nitrates

04 March 2020 - The Balkan state was supposed to undertake measures of protection from harmful fertilizers by December...

Top 3

Top 3 in August: Danube pollution, rise of e-scooters, op-ed on renewable energy incentives in Croatia

04 September 2019 - The Top 3 Most Read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in August are in....

Danube polluted with faeces in Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria

12 August 2019 - The River Danube is polluted with faeces along its course in Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria,...

UNECE: Improving water quality in Drina river basin is necessary

UNECE assessment in Drina river basin highlights importance of improving water quality and calls for strengthened transboundary cooperation

29 December 2017 - Addressing water pollution and improving water quality and monitoring are key steps needed to face...

Elizabet Paunovic, BGNE

Strengthening regional cooperation towards environmental and health safety

26 October 2017 - Elizabet Paunović, Head of World Health Organization (WHO)’s European Center for Environment and Health, explains...