Virtual power plants power market prosumers

Virtual power plants to enable power market access for prosumers in Croatia

26 May 2022 - The law in Croatia allows households with solar panels to group and place excess energy in the market, though it is too expensive for now

Austrian EVN flexibility management taking over cyberGRID

Austrian EVN improves flexibility management capability by taking over cyberGRID

17 March 2022 - Energy services provider EVN Group has acquired cyberGRID, getting direct access to its flexibility management platform cyberNOC

KOER launches first virtual power plant in Croatia

KOER launches first virtual power plant in Croatia

08 February 2022 - Technology developer KOER is signing on end-users after it launched the first virtual power plant in Croatia

Geothermal virtual power plant Turkey

Virtual power plant in Turkey balances renewables with geothermal capacities

09 September 2020 - Geothermal plants of 103 MW joined the pool in Pure Energy's virtual power plant in Turkey so the firm optimized its electricity trade and boosted its balancing capacity