Europe catch up with US supporting nuclear energy revival

Europe will catch up with US in supporting nuclear energy revival

05 January 2024 - Director General of WNA Sama Bilbao y León is urging decision makers to convince investors that nuclear assets are investable

Wind turbine manufacturers EU beginning return to profit industry

Wind turbine manufacturers in EU are beginning to return to profit

04 January 2024 - The year 2024 will remain challenging for the EU wind industry but the tide seems to be turning, according to WindEurope's CEO Giles Dickson

Albania construction power link North Macedonia

Albania begins construction of its part of power link with North Macedonia

25 December 2023 - Albania marked the start of construction of its section of the electricity transmission interconnection with North Macedonia

Installation Crete Cyprus cable starts Great Sea Interconnector

Installation of Crete-Cyprus cable starts as part of Great Sea Interconnector

25 December 2023 - Greece's IPTO said construction works are beginning for the first leg of the Great Sea Interconnector, to link Crete and Cyprus

Greece's IPTO seeks shares in TSOs of North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro

Greece’s IPTO seeks shares in TSOs of North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro

14 December 2023 - The Greek Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) aims to expand its presence in the Balkans and entire Southeastern Europe


Two more electricity corridors planned to connect Balkans with Italy

11 December 2023 - Bulgaria and Albania are planning green power corridors to connect with Italy, through Montenegro and via a subsea line, respectively

eu action plan grids european commission

Industry welcomes EU’s grid action plan but criticizes lack of some crucial measures

29 November 2023 - The European Commission has presented a 14-point action plan for seven challenges to improving electricity grids

Greece Italy speed up second submarine electricity interconnection project

Greece, Italy to speed up second submarine electricity interconnection project

23 November 2023 - Greece and Italy are planning to triple their power interconnection capacity by 2031 by building a 1 GW undersea line.


New rules for power grid connection in Serbia

22 November 2023 - Last week Serbia started applying new legislation regulating connection to the national electricity transmission system

Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia to roll out electricity trade platform

17 November 2023 - Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia Dubravka Đedović Handanović spoke to her Hungarian counterpart Péter Szijjártó in Belgrade

North Macedonia MEPSO denies rumors share sale IPTO

North Macedonia’s MEPSO denies rumors of share sale to IPTO

26 October 2023 - MEPSO says it plans no transaction with IPTO. Nevertheless, Greek energy majors are on an acquisition spree in the Western Balkans.

Italy Terna subsea power interconnection Greece

Italy’s TSO Terna advances project for another subsea power interconnection with Greece

20 October 2023 - Italy and Greece are set to expand their electricity interconnection capacity to 1.5 GW by laying two cables of 1 GW in total on the seabed

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