solar power plants prosumers serbia

Using solar energy is getting easier in Serbia – what you need to know to produce your own electricity

30 December 2020 - It isn't mission impossible anymore to install solar panels and produce electricity for self-consumption.

EVN Macedonia solar power two-sided panels

EVN Macedonia opens solar power plant with two-sided panels

04 December 2020 - EVN Macedonia built a 1.48 MW bifacial solar power plant within a state incentive scheme. Panels use the reflection from below to add to output.

guidelines energy community prosumers experts

Energy Community’s new guidelines remove barriers to prosumer development, experts say

01 December 2020 - Experts from BiH, North Macedonia, and Serbia highlight the new elements in the Energy Community’s policy guidelines on prosumers.


Fashion giants Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein take lead in rooftop solar

20 October 2020 - Fashion company PVH Europe installed the world’s biggest solar roof at its distribution hub in the Netherlands


Six Croatian households get acces to electricity with solar panels

30 September 2020 - Six rural households in Croatia can finally replace candles with light bulbs, keep food in...

Vienna public buildings photovoltaic systems interview Ulli Sima

Vienna will equip all its public buildings with solar PV systems

22 September 2020 - Within its measures to mitigate the climate change impact, the Austrian capital made sure more...


Romania to grant up to EUR 15,000 per house for energy refurbishment

16 September 2020 - The Ministry of the Environment, Waters and Forests of Romania set aside funds for an...

Household photovoltaics Cyprus growth

Solar homes in Cyprus post stellar growth so far this year

14 September 2020 - The number of new net metering systems is on track to reach the highest point...


Applications open for solar panels to improve tourist offer of katuns

12 September 2020 - Rural households in Bosnia and Herzegovina that accomodate tourists in katuns will be able to...


Energy transition in Croatia: five examples of good practice

10 September 2020 - Energy transition has long become a reality all over the world, and this region is...

Prices photovoltaic panels jump 25 Greece

Prices of photovoltaic panels jump as much as 25% in Greece

03 September 2020 - Global demand, industrial accidents, environmental disasters, exchange rates and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic...

Cyprus rooftop solar power units schools

Cyprus to install rooftop solar power units in 405 schools, kindergartens

31 August 2020 - A national solar power project is underway in Cyprus to cover most of the power...

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