SolarEdge chosen for PV installation at large fuel deposit

SolarEdge chosen for PV installation at large fuel deposit

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March 19, 2024






March 19, 2024





With millions of PV installations worldwide, solar energy is designed to be safe and reliable. However, when the sun is shining, the PV array and associated wiring can carry a high voltage, leaving the possibility of electrical arcing which may cause fires. For this reason, safety should be a major consideration for organizations installing a solar energy system.

So, when All Energy & Architecture was approached to install a PV system at the highly combustible Alkion Terminal in Vado Ligure in Italy, it had no hesitation in recommending a 440 kW system with 16 SolarEdge (SE27.6K) three-phase inverters and 785 SolarEdge (P600) power optimizers.

Alkion Terminal places a high priority on safety, which is why they chose SolarEdge’s smart energy solutions featuring advanced safety features designed to mitigate safety risks.

SolarEdge provided Alkion Terminal with superior safety from two embedded features, SafeDC™ and arc fault detection.

SolarEdge chosen for PV installation at large fuel deposit

SafeDC™ is designed to protect installers, maintenance personnel, and emergency responders from electrocution by reducing DC voltage to a touch-safe 1 V per module when AC power is off. Arc fault detection and interruption mitigate fire risk.

This PV solution allows the customer to work safely during normal operations and even during potential emergencies

“Because of the high fire risk at the fuel deposit, we chose a technology that would allow the customer to go about their business with total peace of mind. We proposed SolarEdge DC-optimized inverters due to their positive safety record, embedded SafeDC™, and arc fault detection technology. This PV solution allows the customer to work safely during normal operations and even during potential emergencies”, said Riccardo Betti, CEO of All Energy & Architecture.

The one thing you can’t compromise on is safety

As the PV industry grows and matures, stricter safety standards and regulations are becoming more commonplace, much the same as they are across many other industries. So, in addition to SafeDC™ and arc fault detection and interruption, SolarEdge has yet another product that is designed to protect first responders.

Called the SolarEdge Firefighter Gateway, it provides manual and automatic system DC shutdown and a real-time indication of system DC voltage for safety assurance.

724kwp, Alkion Terminal, Savona, Italy, installed by GM Solar Energie, SolarEdge

Why SolarEdge PV systems compare more favorably against traditional inverters

SafeDC™ is always on and embedded in the technology. With traditional inverters, even when they are shut down, there could still be high voltage in the wiring, making it unsafe to the touch.

With a SolarEdge system, when AC power is off, the default output voltage of each power optimizer is a touch-safe 1 V per module. In traditional inverters, rooftop array disconnect switches only terminate the flow of current from the roof to the inverter. The modules on the roof, their cabling, and the cabling to the inverter remain energized and dangerous while there is daylight.

SolarEdge inverters are designed to identify arc detections and subsequently shut down, in compliance with the UL1699B arc detection standard. In the case of traditional inverters, third-party arc fault detectors are usually required. These hardware additions can add cost and may not be compliant with stringent safety standards.

Why SolarEdge PV systems compare more favorably against traditional inverters

A positive return on investment

But it was not all about safety. From the outset, All Energy & Architecture recognized the possibility of delivering energy savings of up to EUR 79,500 per year and yearly energy yields of up to 560,000 kWh.

Furthermore, because other inverters generally have expensive add-on options to provide safety features like arc fault circuit interruption and rapid shutdown functionality, SolarEdge’s advanced SafeDC™ feature, already embedded in the inverter, allowed Alkion Terminal to avoid future and costly investments.

Contact your local SolarEdge office today for more information on this and other SolarEdge smart energy solutions, or visit the website.

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