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CMS Solar PV net-metering publication

CMS publishes guide on prospects for rooftop solar for Central and Eastern Europe

28 February 2022 - Law firm CMS has published a guide on rooftop photovoltaics and net metering for prosumers in six countries of Central and Eastern Europe

North Macedonia allow bigger capacity rooftop solar power systems

North Macedonia to allow bigger capacity for rooftop solar power systems

10 February 2022 - Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi said North Macedonia would boost the allowed rooftop photovoltaic capacity for households and firms

Luxor Solar donates solar panels to Sarajevo University

Luxor Solar donates solar panels to Sarajevo University for education purposes

07 December 2021 - Luxor Solar provided the University of Sarajevo in BiH with 90 solar modules for optimization and research

Romania call subsidies solar panels weak results

Romania hopes second call for solar subsidies to be successful

22 November 2021 - Romania will subsidize households with EUR 57 million for the installation of solar power panels, after the previous round mostly failed


It isn’t hard anymore to talk about renewable energy in Serbia

17 November 2021 - There were massive positive changes in the renewable energy market since the last Hard Talk with Serbia, participants concluded in a two-day debate

Slovenia adopts Electricity Supply Act after two year delay

Slovenia adopts Electricity Supply Act after two-year delay

22 October 2021 - The National Assembly passed the Electricity Supply Act after adopting amendments that make all end consumers in the market equal

Parliament of Montenegro rooftop solar power plant

Parliament of Montenegro to install rooftop solar power plant

16 August 2021 - The building of the Parliament of Montenegro is undergoing internal renovation, but it also has a project for a 90 kW rooftop solar power plant.


PVMax project expected to bring rooftop solar to 3,000 buildings in Croatia

07 July 2021 - Croatia has launched a project called PVMax, which is expected to result in the deployment of rooftop solar systems on over 3,000 buildings.

New buildings in Berlin must have solar rooftops from 2023

New buildings in Berlin must have solar rooftops from 2023

22 June 2021 - Berlin is obligating private owners of all new buildings and of those that undergo significant roof renovation to install photovoltaic systems from 2023

Abi Jaha Solar rooftop PV 2 1 MW Kosovo

Abi hires Jaha Solar to build rooftop PV system of 2.1 MW in Kosovo*

06 May 2021 - Retailer and dairy producer Abi from Prizren signed an agreement with Jaha Solar for a rooftop solar power system with a peak capacity of 2.13 MW

Clean energy use becoming condition for doing business in world market

17 April 2021 - Setting up photovoltaic systems is cost-effective for both households and the industrial sector, experts and businessmen said at the First Big Conference on Solar Energy in Serbia.

Slovenia doubles self-consumption solar power 2020

Slovenia almost doubles number of self-consumption solar power units in 2020

07 April 2021 - There are 8,641 households, multi-apartment buildings, small businesses and energy communities in Slovenia with devices for self-consumption of electricity

Romanian retail chain Dedeman stores solar panels

Romanian retail chain Dedeman covers most of its stores with solar panels

07 April 2021 - DIY store owner Dedeman finished rooftop PV systems on 38 out of 54 units, and retail chain Penny is building them on two warehouses

City of Kragujevac in Serbia saving energy, promoting green economy

22 March 2021 - The City of Kragujevac understood energy efficiency doesn't only bring budget savings but that it enables environmental protection and job creation

Subotica install rooftop solar public buildings

Subotica to install rooftop solar units on nine public buildings

17 March 2021 - Subotica and Satnica Đakovačka are using funds from the Interreg IPA program to improve energy efficiency and set up rooftop solar power systems


Berlin to make solar panels mandatory for new buildings from 2023

05 March 2021 - Germany’s capital Berlin is making photovoltaic or solar thermal installations mandatory for new buildings from 2023.

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