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Romania preparing 20 MW floating solar power project on irrigation canals

12 September 2023 - A Romanian state agency is set to apply for European funds for a floating solar park on a network of irrigation canals east of Bucharest

G20 supports energy transition acceleration, yet clear pathway is missing

12 September 2023 - G20 did not set the pathway agreement to mitigate the climate crisis, though it did say renewable energy capacities must be tripled by 2030

montenegro epcg solar niksic 47 mw

Montenegro’s EPCG launches 47 MW solar power project in Nikšić

11 September 2023 - The government gave a green light to state-owned coal and power producer EPCG for a solar power project of 47 MW in Nikšić


Municipalities in Greece to install 1 GW of solar power to supply poor households

11 September 2023 - Subsidies for photovoltaics are envisaged as the main tool to tackle energy poverty in Greece. A program for municipalities is in the works.

Resita city western Romania first achieve energy independence

City in western Romania aims to be first to achieve energy independence

11 September 2023 - The local authority in Reșița in western Romania got the technical connection approval for its own 21 MW photovoltaic park


Zijin Mining plans 300 MW solar power plant in Serbia for own needs

08 September 2023 - Zijin Mining is launching by far the biggest photovoltaic project for self-consumption in Serbia's industrial production sector

Law on Energy Bulgaria bill liberalize wholesale power market energy communities

Bulgaria’s energy bill to liberalize wholesale power market, introduce energy communities

08 September 2023 - The proposed changes to the Law of Energy are heading to Bulgaria's parliament amid strong criticism over possible power price instability


Albania to seek investors in solar power plants at unused military airports

07 September 2023 - Albania plans public-private partnerships for solar power plants at the abandoned military airport in Shkodër and runway in Saranda

Kosovo eases requirements rooftop solar panels households

Kosovo* eases requirements for rooftop solar panels for households

07 September 2023 - Kosovo* simplified the procedure for households to obtain the prosumer status, but the connection capacity is limited to 7 kW

Greece Romania ask EU modify recovery resilience spending plans

Greece, Romania ask EU to modify their recovery, resilience spending plans

06 September 2023 - Greece wants EUR 5 billion more in loans from the Recovery and Resilience Facility while Romania is looking to delay its projects

Sefcovic EU to start proper implementation European Green Deal

Šefčovič: EU to start proper implementation of European Green Deal

05 September 2023 - The EU will enter the phase of proper implementation of the Green Deal, the European Commission's new Executive Vice President Šefčovič said

SolarEdge Making solar safer for the enterprise the why what and how

Making solar safer for the enterprise: the why, what and how

05 September 2023 - With the potential to benefit businesses, smart solar solutions are cropping up on shopping centres, factories, airports, schools, and hospitals

Serbia premiums two more projects first solar power auction

Serbia approves premiums for two more projects from its first solar power auction

04 September 2023 - Two projects made it to the list of solar power plants eligible for market premiums in Serbia at the last minute

Axpo first long term financial PPA in Slovenia Kolektor

Axpo signs first long-term financial PPA in Slovenia with Kolektor

04 September 2023 - Kolektor achieved a 10-year deal with Switzerland-based Axpo to buy up to 200 GWh of renewable electricity over ten years

Germany EnBW buys stake green ammonia plant under construction

Germany’s EnBW buys stake in green ammonia plant under construction

01 September 2023 - EnBW bought 10% of the Skipavika Green Ammonia (SkiGA) project in Western Norway amid a worsening perspective for the technology

Prosumers in Albania reach 120 MW in total capacity

Prosumers in Albania reach 120 MW in total capacity

01 September 2023 - Minister Balluku attributed the 6.7% drop in power consumption in Albania to a jump in the prosumers segment and lower distribution losses

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