Iberdrola plans Portugal’s first wind-hydro hybrid power project

18 June 2024 - A 274 MW wind farm will be linked to the Tâmega hydropower complex in Portugal's biggest hybrid energy project, says Iberdrola

bulgaria NEK pumped storage hydropower batak dospat

Bulgaria’s NEK gets help to prepare construction of two large pumped storage hydropower plants

14 June 2024 - The pair of new renewable energy sources, named Batak and Dospat, will each add generation capacity of approximately 800 MW

energy vault som energy storage

Harnessing gravity to turn supertall buildings into energy storage systems

11 June 2024 - Energy Vault plans to deploy this innovative concept in supertall buildings around the world with Chicago-based architecture firm SOM


Belgrade Energy Forum – energy transition in Southeast Europe is accelerating

13 May 2024 - The Western Balkans would gain a strategic advantage by joining the EU’s single electricity market, Energy Community Secretariat Director Artur Lorkowski said at the opening of BEF 2024

Japan Bistrica pumped storage hydropower project JICA Serbia

Japan approves participation in Bistrica pumped storage hydropower project in Serbia

08 May 2024 - Japan has formalized the participation of state agency JICA in the Bistrica pumped storage hydropower project in Serbia


Croatia’s HEP preparing to build pumped storage hydropower plant Blaca

06 May 2024 - HEP Group's pumped storage hydropower plant Blaca would have a capacity of 498 MW in turbine mode and 489 MW in pumping mode


RheEnergise building waterless hydropower storage facility in UK

06 May 2024 - RheEnergise has developed a technology to use a dense fluid rather than water to store surplus energy from wind and solar power plants

Bulgaria NEK floating solar battery pumped storage

Bulgaria’s NEK launches floating solar, battery, pumped storage projects

18 April 2024 - NEK intends to invest in two floating solar power and two pumped storage hydropower plants and battery energy storage projects

dedovic djedovic Handanovic Serbia EUR 400 million in reconstruction hydropower plants

Serbia to invest EUR 400 million in reconstruction of hydropower plants

18 March 2024 - Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Đedović Handanović said EUR 400 million would be invested in the revitalization of EPS's four hydropower plants

Moglica Statkraft study 1 2 GW pumped storage hydropower in Albania

Statkraft launches study for 1.2 GW pumped storage hydropower project in Albania

06 March 2024 - Statkraft started a prefeasibility study for the proposed Moglica pumped storage hydropower plant in southern Albania

rhe bistrica project working group 2031 dubravka djedovic

Serbia aims to build pumped storage hydropower plant Bistrica by 2031

19 February 2024 - Bistrica is expected to financially contribute up to EUR 140 million per year to Serbia's state-owned power utility Elektroprivreda Srbije

Serbia Vucic rekindles small modular reactor initiative

Serbia’s Vučić rekindles small modular reactor initiative

17 February 2024 - President Aleksandar Vučić said he spoke with British officials about investments in renewables and small modular reactors

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