Power industry urges Serbia abolish nuclear moratorium

Power industry urges Serbia to abolish nuclear moratorium

03 April 2024 - Heads of state-owned power utility EPS and transmission system operator EMS questioned the purpose of Serbia's nuclear power moratorium

Balkan leaders nuclear Brussels global summit

Balkan leaders endorse nuclear energy expansion at Brussels global summit

22 March 2024 - Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey participated at the Nuclear Energy Summit 2024 in Brussels

Slovenia launches low carbon hydrogen consortium

Slovenia launches low-carbon hydrogen consortium

18 March 2024 - Slovenia supported the establishment of a low-carbon hydrogen consortium of 18 companies, organizations and municipalities

EU remains divided nuclear energy expansion initiative

EU remains divided over nuclear energy expansion initiative

07 March 2024 - France leads a group of countries that have a symbolic majority within the EU for the initiative to boost support for nuclear energy

Serbia Vucic rekindles small modular reactor initiative

Serbia’s Vučić rekindles small modular reactor initiative

17 February 2024 - President Aleksandar Vučić said he spoke with British officials about investments in renewables and small modular reactors

kozloduy invitation public call expression of interest

Bulgaria invites expressions of interest in construction of new nuclear power plant in Kozloduy

24 January 2024 - Investors can submit expressions of interest in the construction of the a nuclear power plant with AP1000 technology

United Kingdom Slovakia bid farewell coal this year

United Kingdom, Slovakia to bid farewell to coal this year

16 January 2024 - Britain and Slovakia are set to close their last coal power plants this year while Austria gave up on restarting its Mellach facility

France boosts nuclear energy plan eight more large reactors

France boosts its nuclear energy plan with eight more large reactors

10 January 2024 - The French government is preparing a bill intended to facilitate the replacement of its aging nuclear power plants

Europe catch up with US supporting nuclear energy revival

Europe will catch up with US in supporting nuclear energy revival

05 January 2024 - Director General of WNA Sama Bilbao y León is urging decision makers to convince investors that nuclear assets are investable

Most read 2023 Balkan Green Energy News

Most read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in 2023

29 December 2023 - The more the energy transition progresses, the more questions and challenges arise. Here are the most important topics, according to the readers of Balkan Green Energy News.

Spain start shutting down nuclear reactors 2027

Spain to start shutting down nuclear reactors in 2027

28 December 2023 - Spain changed the nuclear waste management plan, raising costs and making the extension of the phaseout even less likely

Erdogan cooperation Greece nuclear energy

Erdoğan hints at cooperation with Greece in nuclear energy

14 December 2023 - President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan suggested that the nuclear and gas projects in Turkey are a potential source of energy for Greece

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