nuclear power plant

Germany reconsider nuclear plant shutdown

Germany to reconsider nuclear plant shutdown in following weeks

19 July 2022 - Faced with the gas supply crunch, German ministers from the Greens are willing to reconsider the scheduled closure of the last nuclear plants

G7 reverses climate policy support LNG gas nuclear power

G7 reverses climate policy with support for LNG, gas, nuclear power

29 June 2022 - The G7 reaffirmed its commitment to climate goals, but it backed the deployment of gas, particularly LNG, and of nuclear power


NASA sets out to develop nuclear power plant on the Moon

28 June 2022 - Success in building such power systems would pave the way for long-term missions on the Moon and Mars, NASA said

Gas and nuclear’s green taxonomy prospects divided European institutions

Gas and nuclear’s green taxonomy prospects divided European institutions

16 June 2022 - MEPs opposed the European Commission’s plan to include nuclear energy and gas in the list...

Small modular reactors nuclear waste conventional study

Small modular reactors create far more nuclear waste than conventional units – study

01 June 2022 - Small modular reactors would create two to 30 times more nuclear waste per unit of energy than conventional nuclear plants, scientists found


Serbia to seek right of first refusal for wind, solar energy produced on its territory

10 May 2022 - A new energy policy is one of five key items on the country’s reform agenda, said President Aleksandar Vučić

Robert Golob movement wins Slovenia elections green economy

Robert Golob’s movement wins Slovenia elections with green economy pledge

26 April 2022 - Robert Golob and his Freedom Movement based the economic program on decarbonization and digitalization with renewables and nuclear power as energy pillars

Westinghouse slovenia nuclear power plants

Westinghouse partners with Slovenian firms to build nuclear power plants in CEE

11 April 2022 - Several countries in Central and Eastern Europe said they would install nuclear power plants or that they are considering the idea

EU Fit for 55

Revised Fit for 55: Preliminary goals show more renewables, nuclear, coal – much less natural gas

06 April 2022 - The revision of the Fit for 55 energy package calls for more renewables, coal and nuclear in order to offset a great reduction in natural gas

Bulgaria and Greece to intensify cooperation in the energy sector

Bulgaria and Greece intensify cooperation in the energy sector

25 March 2022 - Bulgarian-Greek cooperation continues with the completion of the IGB gas pipeline for Azerbaijani gas and LNG from the terminal in Alexandroupolis

EU’s push for Persian Gulf LNG set to worsen energy price inflation

EU’s push for Persian Gulf LNG set to worsen energy price inflation

22 March 2022 - The EU wants to replace Russian gas fast, adding upward pressure on prices. Germany is in talks with Qatar for LNG, but so are Asian countries.

US Last Energy small modular nuclear reactor Romania

US startup Last Energy plans to install small modular nuclear reactor in Romania

15 March 2022 - Washington DC–based Last Energy is set to demonstrate its small modular nuclear reactor technology in Romania

Energy Community Secretariat concerned Chernobyl power cut

Energy Community Secretariat concerned over Chernobyl power cut

09 March 2022 - The Energy Community Secretariat said it is very concerned after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine was disconnected from the grid

Romania extend energy price cap March 2023 bank loan moratorium

Romania to extend energy price cap until March 2023, proposes bank loan moratorium

02 March 2022 - The government in Bucharest earmarked EUR 2.9 billion for mitigating the impact of electricity and gas price surge on citizens, institutions and firms

Bulgaria abandon Belene, and announces new reactors at Kozloduy

Bulgaria abandons Belene, announces new reactors at Kozloduy

16 February 2022 - The Bulgarian prime minister said that instead of Belene, the authorities will consider the possibility of building new reactors at the Kozloduy nuclear power plant

Serbia to make decision on small nuclear power plants in 2022

Serbia to make decision on small nuclear power plants in 2022

04 January 2022 - Zorana Mihajlović, Deputy Prime Minister, said Serbia needs new power plants and that renewable energy sources would not be enough

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