Communal waste Serbia unused source

Municipal waste – Serbia’s untapped resource

02 April 2022 - We continue the series called Serbia, from garbage dumps to circular economy, with an article on municipal waste management. We spoke to Gojkan Stojinović, Jovanka Dakić and Milica Lukić.


Dutch investors could reclaim Nikšić landfill, build methane power plant

27 January 2022 - The landfill would be covered with a special impermeable material, which would cut emissions from the waste and its environmental impact to zero.

Zagreb is introducing new municipal waste model that motivates citizens to sort waste

Zagreb to roll out municipal waste model that motivates citizens to sort waste

25 January 2022 - Citizens will dispose of waste in "official bags." They will cover the variable part of the waste collection charge by buying them.

croatia municipal waste report 2020 tomislav coric

Croatia’s 2020 report on municipal waste – good results, still a long way ahead to reach targets

08 October 2021 - Croatia has reduced the amount of municipal waste, increased waste separation, and the recycling rate.

Public–private-partnership-deadline-Belgrade's Vinča landfill

Public–private partnership misses deadline to shut Belgrade’s Vinča landfill

04 February 2021 - Suez and Itochu were supposed to close the waste landfill in Vinča on January 31 and start using the new site, CLS said and blamed Belgrade's authorities


World Bank to help Croatia improve waste management, switch to circular economy

30 September 2020 - Croatia, lagging behind on European Union’s waste prevention targets, will receive support from the World...

Sombor waste management

Sombor readies to build regional waste management center

17 August 2020 - The City of Sombor has received around EUR 13,600, with a further EUR 3,400 to...


Strategic waste sorting project under way in Croatia

14 August 2020 - A total of 284 cities and municipalities in Croatia have received 48,000 waste sorting bins,...

Incinerator Sarajevo

Incinerator discussed as solution for Sarajevo’s waste disposal problem

16 October 2019 - The construction of a waste incinerator at Butile would cost BAM 240 million (around EUR...

RCERO Ljubljana recovering 95% of waste generated by one-third of Slovenia’s population

20 June 2019 - In May, Malaysia joined China in banning waste imports, a move that will put more...

Croatian cities Zagreb, Novska to build EUR 50 million biowaste facility

19 April 2019 - The cities of Zagreb and Novska and the Zagreb waste management center have signed an...

Expert views (part 2): What are the biggest challenges in municipal waste management in Serbia?

04 March 2019 - In the second in a series of interviews on waste management with representatives of state...

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