geothermal energy

Zorlu Alasehir geothermal power 3 6 MW solar

Zorlu to expand Alaşehir geothermal power plant with 3.6 MW solar unit

10 February 2021 - Zorlu Energy will turn its 45 MW geothermal power plant in Alaşehir into one of...

dem petrol nafta lendava geothermal energy

DEM, Petrol, Nafta Lendava join forces to use geothermal energy in abandoned gas, oil wells

09 February 2021 - Companies plan to establish a pilot geothermal power plant by using innovative technology.

Guris 50 MW geothermal power Turkey record

Güriş installs 50 MW geothermal power plant in Turkey in record time

31 December 2020 - Güriş Holding installed and commissioned its EFE 8 geothermal power plant in only 38 days. The 50 MW unit will have an annual output of 400 GWh. 

Dravske Elektrarne Maribor wind solar geothermal storage

Dravske Elektrarne Maribor eyes investments in wind, solar, geothermal, storage

30 December 2020 - Company plans construction of three wind farms, a 30 MW solar power plant, geothermal and pumped storage projects.

IEL OIE Balkan Renewable Energy Akuo Basaid geothermal

IEL OIE Balkan Renewable Energy, Akuo to start construction of Bašaid wind farm in 2021

24 November 2020 - Start of the construction of the 85 MW Bašaid wind farm near Kikinda and a geothermal plant is planned for next year.

greece necp renewables

Greece NECP: Renewables share in electricity consumption to reach 61% by 2030

20 October 2020 - Greece's 2030 target for renewables is set at 35%, compared to 18% in 2018

Croatia_licenses_geothermal exploration

Croatia issues four licenses for geothermal exploration

16 October 2020 - Croatia's sustainable development ministry issued licenses for geothermal exploration for energy production at four locations

Vienna public buildings photovoltaic systems interview Ulli Sima

Vienna will equip all its public buildings with solar PV systems

22 September 2020 - Within its measures to mitigate the climate change impact, the Austrian capital made sure more...

Geothermal virtual power plant Turkey

Virtual power plant in Turkey balances renewables with geothermal capacities

09 September 2020 - Geothermal plants of 103 MW joined the pool in Pure Energy's virtual power plant in Turkey so the firm optimized its electricity trade and boosted its balancing capacity


Turkey’s Soyak eyes investment in geothermal energy in Croatia

31 August 2020 - The Turkey-based Soyak is interested in investing in geothermal energy in the Croatian municipalities of...

Zorlu Energy merging geothermal, renewables IPO

Zorlu Energy merging its geothermal, renewables businesses for IPO

16 July 2020 - Zorlu Enerji Elektrik or Zorlu Energy intends to establish a renewables subsidiary and prepare it...


Toplane-Sarajevo explore geothermal energy application in district energy system

09 July 2020 - BiH capital’s district heating utility Toplane-Sarajevo has launched a geothermal energy research project in order...

TENDERING Geothermal water exploration Croatia

TENDERING: Geothermal water exploration areas in Croatia

08 June 2020 - The Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency issued a public call for bids for four exploration areas. It...

Geothermal heating power Babina Greda Croatia

Geothermal cogeneration unit to be installed in Babina Greda in Croatia

07 May 2020 - Municipal authorities are using EU funds to determine the size and temperature of a well...

ppc renewables motor oil helector green energy

PPC Renewables may partner with Motor Oil, Helector in green energy

05 May 2020 - Greece’s national electricity producer PPC is leaning on its green energy firm for the transition...

Priorities in Zagreb city center energy transition – Development vision after 2020 earthquake

Priorities in Zagreb city center’s energy transition – Development vision after 2020 earthquake

24 April 2020 - The Power Engineering and Energy Management Chair at the Department of Energy, Power and Environmental...

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