Romania grants EUR 418 million power distribution grid upgrades

Romania grants EUR 418 million for power distribution grid upgrades

19 February 2024 - Romania signed deals with the country's regional power distribution system operators for EUR 418.2 million in grants

Yediyol Turkish geothermal-heated greenhouse firm Netherlands food exports

Turkish geothermal-heated greenhouse firm wants to beat Netherlands in food exports

06 February 2024 - Istanbul-based firm Yediyol completed the first phase of its geothermal-heated greenhouse project of an overall 100 hectares

Renewables 99 5 share new capacity 2023 Turkey

Renewables had 99.5% share in new capacity in 2023 in Turkey

23 January 2024 - Minister Alparslan Bayraktar called 2023 "the year of renewables" in Turkey as they accounted for 99.5% of added power capacity

Exergy deliver 8 MW geothermal power plant Emirler Turkey

Exergy to deliver 8 MW geothermal power plant to Emirler in Turkey

19 January 2024 - Italian company Exergy International will supply an 8 MW geothermal binary plant to Emirler Enerji in Turkey

US vast lithium reserves Salton Sea geothermal reservoir

US finds vast lithium reserves in Salton Sea geothermal reservoir

09 January 2024 - Geothermal waters in the Salton Sea area in California contain 3.4 million tons of lithium, enough for over 375 million EV batteries

vulcan lithium Landau Zero Carbon Lithium Project

Vulcan opens Europe’s first fully domestic lithium production plant in Germany

30 November 2023 - Lithium extraction from salt water has a much lower environmental impact than projects at salt deserts and mines

Bjelovar Local authorities in Croatia look to geothermal projects for achieving energy independence

Local authorities in Croatia pursuing energy independence with geothermal projects

23 October 2023 - Municipal administrations in Bjelovar, Varaždin and Mali Bukovec are investing in geothermal projects to achieve energy independence

The City Heating Plant in Nis announced the construction of a heat pump

District heating company to install large heat pump in Niš in Serbia

19 October 2023 - Gradska toplana, the district heating system operator in Serbia's third-largest city, wants to build a heat pump that would use river water

croatia geothermal energy exploration license

Croatia awards five geothermal exploration licenses

04 October 2023 - The geothermal potential of the exploration areas was identified earlier in wells created for oil and gas exploration and production

star energy croatia geothermal ernestinovo

London-based Star Energy acquires geothermal exploration license in Croatia

30 August 2023 - Star Energy Group has bought a 51% stake in A14 Energy, which has a geothermal waters exploration license for an area in Ernestinovo

Trakia Economic Zone aims to become carbon neutral by 2040.

Trakia Economic Zone in Bulgaria aims to become carbon neutral by 2040

02 August 2023 - Trakia Economic Zone aims to become the first carbon-neutral industrial zone in Europe and in the world. Several green energy projects are under construction.

Professor Vranješ: 6 out of 18 heating plants in Belgrade have potential for geothermal energy utilization

Study: Geothermal energy could be used at 6 out of 18 Belgrade heating plants

06 July 2023 - The Faculty of Mining and Geology has found that 6 out of the 18 heating plants in Belgrade have the potential for utilizing geothermal energy

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