Budapest geothermal district heating 20 MW

Budapest to install geothermal district heating system of up to 20 MW

06 April 2021 - Icelandic group Arctic Green Energy will help FŐTÁV, the district heating company of Budapest, to add geothermal capacity of 10 MW to 20 MW

geothermal power plants

Working group set up for Vojvodina to get first geothermal power plants

07 October 2019 - A working group to facilitate the development of the first geothermal power plant projects in...

EBRD seeks geothermal, offshore wind consultants for Turkey

15 August 2018 - The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has invited technical and financial proposals from...

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Construction of Serbia’s first geothermal district heating system kicks off

17 July 2018 - The municipality of Bogatić should get Serbia’s first geothermal district heating system by the beginning...