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RWE Equinor plan hydrogen pipeline joint power plants Germany

RWE, Equinor plan hydrogen pipeline, joint power plants in Germany

09 January 2023 - RWE and Equinor are working on a plan to produce and transport hydrogen through a proposed pipeline from Norway to Germany

Slovenia adopts spatial plan for wind farm Dolenja vas

Slovenia adopts spatial plan for wind farm Dolenja Vas

06 January 2023 - A new spatial plan includes AAE's Dolenja Vas project, which is set to become the first wind park in Slovenia

Green steel plant in Finland set to start production in 2026

Green steel plant in Finland set to start production in 2026

06 January 2023 - Blastr Green Steel plans to build a steelworks and a hydrogen plant in Inkoo, Finland, that would run on renewable electricity

Vau i Dejes Half century old hydropower Albania innovative energy hub

Half century old hydropower plant in Albania is becoming innovative energy hub

02 January 2023 - Hybrid power plants are emerging as an essential ingredient for a world with net zero emissions. Albania's KESH wants to master such solutions.

Most read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in 2022

Most read articles on Balkan Green Energy News in 2022

31 December 2022 - With Russia's attack on Ukraine, the energy crisis took over from the coronavirus pandemic as topic number one this year


EPCG’s project Solari kicks off sustainable energy transition in Montenegro

29 December 2022 - The solar panel installation program includes the entire society in the energy transition, earning a place among energy transition champions

China world s second largest hydropower plant

China completes world’s second-largest hydropower plant

28 December 2022 - The China Three Gorges Corp.'s Baihetan facility is in full operation. At 16 GW, it is the second-biggest hydropower plant in the world.

Everfuel starts producing green hydrogen Europe largest electrolyzer

Everfuel starts producing green hydrogen at Europe’s largest electrolyzer

23 December 2022 - Denmark-based Everfuel started the commissioning phase of the biggest electrolyzer in Europe by producing the first amount of green hydrogen

SolarPower EU solar power additions 2022 equivalent 100 LNG tankers

EU’s solar power additions in 2022 are equivalent to over 100 LNG tankers

22 December 2022 - A record 41.4 GW of photovoltaic capacity will be installed in the European Union this year, SolarPower Europe said

Battery manufacturer TAB Mak 8 4 MW solar park North Macedonia

Battery manufacturer TAB Mak builds 8.4 MW solar park in North Macedonia

22 December 2022 - Lead-acid battery plant TAB Mak in Probištip in North Macedonia will cover 25% of its electricity needs from its photovoltaic facilities

Slovenia statistical transfer renewable energy Czech Republic

Slovenia secures statistical transfer of renewable energy from Czech Republic

22 December 2022 - Slovenia bought a share of renewable energy that it lacked to fulfill its national goal for 2021 through a so-called statistical transfer

Council of the EU accelerate permitting renewables

Council of EU agrees to accelerate permitting for renewables

21 December 2022 - The European Council and the European Parliament are starting talks on simplifying the permitting rules for renewables and cutting deadlines

EPHZHB introduces guarantees of origin for energy from renewable sources

EPHZHB to roll out green electricity supply with guarantees of origin

15 December 2022 - Public power utility EPHZHB is set to introduce green models for electricity supply and guarantees of origin for renewable energy

EU reaches agreement on carbon border tax CBAM

EU reaches deal on carbon border tax

14 December 2022 - The application of carbon tax on imported commodities and electricity has been pushed back from January 1 to October 1, 2023

Energy Community acquis implementation proceeding slowly

Energy Community acquis implementation proceeding but slowly

13 December 2022 - Energy sectors reforms have progressed over the past year, however significant challenges remain, the Energy Community Secretariat warned


Western Balkan countries must create legal framework for energy communities, democratize energy

09 December 2022 - The conference Citizen Energy Communities/Renewable Energy Communities in Sarajevo was organized by RESET and the Heinrich Böll Foundation

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