EU power gas prices smashing records drought EdF nuclear setback

EU power, gas prices smashing records amid drought, EdF’s nuclear plant setback

03 August 2022 - Low water levels in major rivers disturb the operation of nuclear power plants and the transportation of coal

Restarting retired nuclear plants in Germany technically feasible

TÜV’s Bühler: Restarting retired nuclear plants in Germany is technically feasible

01 August 2022 - Joachim Bühler from safety inspection operator TÜV says Germany can bring three closed nuclear plants back to life

Drought cost Montenegro EPCG utility EUR 100 million third quarter

Drought to cost Montenegro’s EPCG utility EUR 100 million in third quarter

01 August 2022 - State-owned power producer EPCG said it would have to import 294 GWh of electricity in the three months through September due to drought

Power utility EPHZHB requests ban on electricity export from BiH

Power utility EPHZHB requests ban on electricity exports from BiH

27 July 2022 - BiH is the biggest electricity exporter in the Western Balkans, but the energy crisis and the drought are now jeopardizing supply

EU adopts plan cut gas demand 15 March

EU adopts watered-down plan to cut gas demand by 15% by March

26 July 2022 - EU energy ministers agreed to voluntarily reduce the demand for natural gas by 15% through March, but with several changes to the plan

North Macedonia to declare state of energy crisis in August

North Macedonia to declare state of energy crisis in August

25 July 2022 - The country has declared the state of energy crisis last year in November for a month, but soon extended it for six more months until June 9

european commission Ursula von der Leyen gas consumption

EU asks member states to cut gas consumption by 15% by March

20 July 2022 - It has also proposed a legislation which would allow the commission to introduce a binding target for gas reduction

Germany reconsider nuclear plant shutdown

Germany to reconsider nuclear plant shutdown in following weeks

19 July 2022 - Faced with the gas supply crunch, German ministers from the Greens are willing to reconsider the scheduled closure of the last nuclear plants

Slovenia freeze power prices 1 GW solar power supply homes

Slovenia to freeze electricity prices, add 1 GW in solar power to supply homes

15 July 2022 - Prime Minister Robert Golob said large solar power plants of 1 GW in total would be built by 2025 to supply Slovenian households

Timmermans: EU risks conflict, strife due to energy crisis

14 July 2022 - The EU's top official Frans Timmermans claims a short-term return to fossil fuels is needed to prevent the risk of civil unrest

Hungary to ban energy exports orban

Hungary to ban energy exports

14 July 2022 - Hungary's neighbors are closely monitoring the announced measures, and one of them is Serbia which has a deal to store gas in Hungary

fatih birol energy crisis

Birol (IEA): World is in middle of first global energy crisis

13 July 2022 - Fatih Birol said at the Sydney Energy Summit that the world has never witnessed an energy crisis of such great depth and complexity

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